Your Foot Neuropathy Journal

Nerve Damage TreatmentKeeping a journal or diary can be nice, especially if you are a kid. I remember when my sister has a diary and it was kept under lock and key; the temptation will there and so great to want to steal the key and see what juicy gossip was in the diary. I tried to get it once and break it open with a pairs of pliers but to no avail; they really make those things tough and then again I was only 9 years only. Now the kind of journaling that you can do for a medical condition is very different from the secret diary of my childhood. This kind of journaling is meant to be shared with your physician, spouse and anyone else who could help you or better understand your condition of neuropathy. By keeping a weekly journal of your day to day activities and encounters, you can better prepare for a neuropathy attack and even try to prevent one altogether with a foot neuropathy treatment.

Alternative Treatment To Foot Pain

The number of alternatives in foot neuropathy treatment is very encouraging for individuals who wish to utilize this route. Therapeutic treatments such as Physical, Massage, or Occupations therapy have shown benefit by assisting in the circulation and oxygenation of the blood vessels which helps to ease pain and keep healthy extremities. Acupuncture has been known to improve the circulation and reduce the pain. Another alternative therapy often used in neuropathy treatment is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation which is effective for painful diabetic neuropathy and should be considered for use in the treatment of this disorder. Along with the above listed alternative therapies, one should also consider the use of Supplemental treatments. Some of the supplements used for nerve pain treatment are Alpha Lipoic acid which is an anti-oxidant and attempts to protect the nerves from further damage. Also known to help with nerve pain treatment is the use of Vitamin B, or more specifically a special form of vitamin B1 called Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of vitamin B1. Benfotiamine has been found to be very helpful in as an effective foot neuropathy treatment.


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