You Can Make The Changes Needed

Living with neuropathy creates the need for several changes to occur in the individual’s life. Neuropathy is very painful and creates a whole slew of physical limitations such as difficulty walking and performing simple tasks such as washing dishes and opening mail. With limitations in areas as simple as these imagine how difficult life would be in a larger sense. With chronic pain being felt so consistently how is an individual supposed to function if he or she is constantly enduring intense pain?

It is often suggested that neuropathic patients seek out or implement some type of neuropathy treatment to help ease their pain and discomfort but that does not always have to be the first plan of action, there are several simple changes that a neuropathic patient can implement on his or her own that could help avoid the complexity of medications etc.

Lifestyle And Neuropathy

Living a healthy lifestyle will help improve health overall, but for those who have been diagnosed with neuropathy making a few simple lifestyle changes could drastically reduce or completely eliminate neuropathy pain and symptoms. If neuropathic patients make the commitment to adhere to the following suggested lifestyle changes, they would see great improvement not only in their neuropathic pain but their overall health as well.

  • Implement a diet where vegetables and fruits are the main
  • Eat foods full all antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking
  • Morning stretching to help keep muscles from stiffening and causing more pain and possibly immobility
  • Attempt low impact exercises daily such as swimming and walking
  • Focus on learning different sitting and sleeping techniques to help alleviate pressure on the joints, hands and feet
  • Administer daily foot checks to determine if foot injury has occurred
  • Wear appropriate foot wear such as loose fitting socks and correctly fitting shoes. Avoid tight fitting hosiery, shoes and socks that will hinder circulation.


Eating right, exercising and neuropathy treatment are the three most effective methods for managing life with neuropathy and establishing a new form of normal. Neuropathy patients do not have to sacrifice everything they love because of their diagnosis; make the needed changes and get back to enjoying an active and pain free life!

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