Wish Upon A Star

Upon a recent trip to Magic Kingdom with my family I recall standing in the middle of Main Street gazing up at Cinderella’s castle and wondering what it is about this place that makes me feel like dreams could come true. Living in the state of Florida and only thirty minutes from Disney is wonderful in that whenever I have a crummy week or begin to feel discouraged with the direction my life is taking I can escape to this magical land that makes me feel like wishes and dreams do come true.

Regardless of how challenging my life may get at times, I have so much to be thankful for when I look at the whole picture. If you have ever been to Disney you might have noticed a special group of people from the Make a Wish Foundation. The Make a Wish Foundation provides those children that have been diagnosed with an incurable disease the chance to enjoy a day at the most magical place on earth in hopes of providing some joy for these children that have led a very pain filled existence. It is when I see these special children that everything becomes clear and new hope is ignited in me.

It is true that there are thousands of diseases that have no cure, but there is hope that someday cures can and will be found for diseases such as cancer or for conditions such as neuropathy. But until that day comes I have the opportunity to do my part by educating others on the importance of eating right and living a healthy and fruitful life. A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a destructive life.

Educating Others

 With proper education others can be made aware that there are ways to prevent painful conditions from developing such as diabetic neuropathy. With no neuropathy cure found the only way to get the upper hand is to do our best to prevent it from happening to someone we love by educating them. Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of diabetes that sets off a series of painful and limiting symptoms such as: burning in the hands and feet, tingling, and needle like pinching, numbness and even muscle weakness. Without a neuropathy cure available this painful condition can lead to a life of immobility.

I believe the reason that Walt Disney World has been so successful is not due to the theme park itself but for what the theme park represents for so many of us. As a child we believed anything was possible, wishing on a star meant that one day our dream might come true, just maybe deep down we still believe.


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