Why Is Methylcobalamine Important?

Methylcobalamine is a water soluble vitamin that is also identified as cobalamins (which are essential biological compounds). Many individuals will know it more commonly by the name of vitamin B-12.  Methylcobalamine is especially useful as a supplement because it is very affordable, readily available, easily tolerated, virtually side effect free, as well as being a natural and holistic therapy. It can be taken in supplemental form either orally by tablets or capsules or intravenously.

What are the symptoms of Methylcobalamine Deficiency?

It is important that individuals are aware of some of the issues that can become problems if a Methylcobalamine deficiency does in fact exist. Some of the common symptoms of a Methylcobalamine deficiency are:


  • G.I. Problems are a symptom of a Methylcobalamine deficiency; specifically the symptoms can include several G.I. symptoms such as appetite loss and/or constipation. If these symptoms are left untreated and the deficiently isn’t corrected then further complications such as anorexia and unintended weight loss can become an issue.
  • Anemia is another symptom of Methylcobalamine deficiency. The cells cannot properly work without the proper amount of Methylcobalamine within the body thus resulting in anemia which has symptoms such as general muscle weakness, lightheadedness, diarrhea, shortness of breath, extremely pale skin, and a severe lack of energy resulting in fatigue.
  • Neurological Signs can be another issue with a Methylcobalamine deficiency. When a Methylcobalamine deficiency occurs it can result in damage taking place within the nervous system, especially in regards to the myelin sheath that covers and insulates the nerves. Early symptoms of neurological damage resulting from a Methylcobalamine deficiency include unexplained numbness, or tingling sensations which often occurs in the fingers or toes. Additionally the overall brain function can be affected by a Methylcobalamine deficiency and can cause symptoms of difficulty with concentration, memory loss, disorientation, and even depression. In extreme cases a Methylcobalamine deficiency is even thought to be a factor in the developing of dementia.
  • Other Symptoms that can occur when a long term Methylcobalamine deficiency takes place includes symptoms such as difficulty moving or walking, loss of muscle coordination, loss of balance, and in extreme cases even paralysis.

If any of the above symptoms have become present it is important to address the Methylcobalamine deficiency immediately in order to reverse the symptoms and create a more balanced level of Methylcobalamine within the body.



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