Why Foot Neuropathy Should Be A Big Deal

There are some things in life that are a big deal and should be addressed such as the painful condition known as foot neuropathy. Trying to ignore that there is a problem will only result in further complications and possible loss of mobility. Foot neuropathy is a condition that can take over a person’s life especially if left untreated. What is foot neuropathy? Foot neuropathy is a painful condition that limits or restricts movement due to nerve damage in the foot area making it difficult for the foot neuropathy patient to move.

The cause of foot neuropathy is sometimes clear whereas there are times the neuropathic patient does not know or understand why he or she is experiencing foot neuropathy pains and symptoms. The leading cause for foot neuropathy has proven to be complications with diabetes or through the overuse of alcohol. The painful symptoms of foot neuropathy would include painful sensations such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking in the foot area. Foot neuropathy can become so intense that if left untreated the neuropathic patient can lose his or her mobility so it is important that the foot neuropathy patient find some form of foot neuropathy treatment. The following is further information on two of the available treatments.

Foot Neuropathy Treatment

Foot neuropathy treatment is the crucial component to getting well and getting back to an active life. There are a variety of different treatment options that help relieve and soothe foot neuropathy pains and symptoms.


Acupuncture historically is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that the Chinese believe to be a technique that is used to allow the body to flow and re-balance. Within the last three decades, acupuncture has gained popularity here in the western world and is used and recommended by many medical professionals.


Topical creams such as numbing cream and Capsaicin have been known to help relieve neuropathic symptoms on a temporary basis. numbing cream patches and a Capsaicin topical cream both have a soothing effect on damaged nerves. Both numbing cream and Capsaicin are safe to use frequently throughout a day on neuropathic areas such as the hands and feet. numbing cream patches and capsaicin ointment is a great neuropathy tool for mild nerve pain

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