Why Can’t I Find Relief?

If you are a neuropathy patient, you may find yourself asking the same question over and over again, “Why can’t I find relief?”  Neuropathy is one of those chronic conditions that very few people hear about yet millions of people are suffering from it on a daily basis. Neuropathy pain can be felt in the hands, feet and joints and it affects the way a person moves, senses and functions. Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves therefore when damage to the peripheral nervous system develops, complications that affect the nerve cell endings are quick to arise and cause complications in a person’s life.

Damage to the peripheral nervous system could be the result of HIV, chemotherapy, diabetes, carpal tunnel and as a result of alcohol abuse. Regardless of how the condition was derived the result in the end is the same – chronic pain and life limitations. Damage to the nerve cells results in neuropathic pains like tingling in the hands and feet, burning sensations in the hands and feet, numbness and needle like pricking while walking; symptoms such as the ones listed can have  profound effect on a neuropathy patients personal and professional life.

Treating Neuropathic Pain

The reason that most neuropathic patients are unable to find relief for their neuropathy symptoms has to do with their inability to locate an effective treatment. Neuropathic pain treatment is not something that is chosen carelessly, it takes much time and thought. There are so many factors that go into making the decision such as personal health, past success stories, side effects and personal preferences. Choosing a neuropathic pain treatment just for the sake of choosing one is not the best method of approach.

It is important that neuropathy patients speak with a medical professional before selecting a neuropathic pain treatment to insure that no adverse side effects will be had that can harm the individual. The following is lists of the most popular forms of neuropathic pain treatment speak with your doctor about the pros and cons of each before use.

  • Acupuncture
  • Electrical      Nerve Stimulation
  • Herbal      Supplements
  • Prescription      Medication
  • Hypnosis
  • Therapy

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