Where Are We On Finding A Neuropathy Cure

As a mother, nothing is more annoying on road trips than hearing my child’s voice constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” I am not a naturally patient or tolerant person so something as simple as my daughters persistent questioning me is enough to drive me to the brink of insanity. One would think that as we grow that our patience and tolerance would expand somewhat – not true! Even as a thirty year old woman, I still find myself struggling with being patient and tolerant when things I need or think I need may not be available to me.

Case in point: when one is diagnosed with a terrible condition such as neuropathy, it may become extremely challenging to practice patience and tolerance while undergoing nerve stimulation testing, blood test and muscle strengthening test without any solid answers or test results. A condition such as neuropathy takes time to diagnosis and if a wrong diagnosis is made further harm and health concerns could be had. One may find it helpful to use the waiting time to research neuropathy and neuropathy cures and treatments to help pass the time.

One of the toughest issues for neuropathic patients is waiting to get their questions answered and then digesting the information they received once their question have been asked. There is much about neuropathy and neuropathy treatment that scientist, researchers and medical professionals such as doctors are still uncovering and trying to understand themselves. At this time in history, no cure for neuropathy has been found and not every neuropathy cause has been unmasked. It is true that within the last decade advancements have been made regarding neuropathy and neuropathy treatments; we are closer to a cure the never before but we are not there yet.

Neuropathy patients can experience nerve pain relief more now than patients could five years ago thanks to the ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, and Methylcobalamine. Information on these powerful natural ingredients have surfaced in the last decade and have brought hope and healing to thousands of neuropathy sufferers

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