What To Do With Neuropathy In Feet

Neuropathy in feet is one of those conditions that can cause several hindrances to an individual’s ability to be mobile. Neuropathy in feet occurs when nerve damage of some sort has occurred in the foot area. There are several possible reasons as to why neuropathy in feet would occur, the top five reasons why neuropathy in feet might occur would be:




  1. Alcoholism
  2. Vitamin Deficient
  3. Metabolic Disorder
  4. Hormonal Problems
  5. Diabetes

Diabetes is probably the most common cause for neuropathy in feet and the reason why would be due to the high levels of blood sugar running rampant through the blood and the inability to rid the body of the sugar as it should be. High levels of blood sugar eventually will begin to eat away at the nerve cell endings causing a loss of feeling to take place. Neuropathy often develops in the feet first and if left untreated the neuropathy moves upward and into the hands as well.

Dangers Of Neuropathy In Feet

The dangers of developing a condition such as neuropathy in feet would include the loss of mobility, loss of feeling and even the loss of a limb. Damage to the nerve cells cause a loss of feeling and send in its place sensations such as tingling, burning, needle like pricking and even the loss of balance. The loss of feeling that comes with neuropathy could result in amputation if the neuropathic patient is not constantly aware of what is happening with his or her lower extremities.

A loss of feeling in the foot area could cause a blister or open wound to go unnoticed or unfelt, therefore the injury in not treated and infection could creep in and cause the need for amputation. To avoid such tragedies as amputation neuropathy in feet treatment must be had.

Neuropathy in feet treatment would include the implementation of antibiotics and or other methods such as:

  • Diet Changes
  • Exercise
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Hypnosis
  • Herbal Supplement

Neuropathy in feet treatments vary between patients, most treatments are based on the pain levels being felt and what the patient individual needs are.


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