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Hearing the sad news that you or someone you love will be living out the rest of their life with diabetes is a heartbreaking moment. News such as being diagnosed with diabetes is not something a person neither anticipates nor plans on. Chronic conditions such as diabetes can and will affect several different aspects of a person’s life and the way he or she is used to living. Poor eating habits may have played a hand in the development of the disease and now eating habits will determine further complications.

Diabetes is unfortunately a very real and very common condition and it affects millions of men and women around the globe. High levels of blood sugar maintained in the body for an extended uncontrolled period of time can create so many other complications. One of the main concerns for diabetics is the possibility of developing diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is by far the most common complication of diabetes and develops when the high levels of blood sugar go untamed for a long period of time. The high levels of blood sugar begin to eat away at or cause issues with the nerve cell endings causing them to lose their ability to function correctly.

Life Complications

Diabetic neuropathy complicates life by way of limiting the ability of movement. Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves implying that somewhere nerve damage has occurred and making it difficult for the diabetic to move about because of his or her lack of feeling. Diabetic neuropathy is most commonly attained in the foot area. When neuropathy in feet begins, the diabetic begins to endure painful sensations in his or her feet therefore his or her movements become much slower and limited.

Diabetic neuropathy treatment is the only way a diabetic is able to cope with the limitations placed on his or her life. Diabetic neuropathy treatment comes in many forms all with the same intent – lessen pain and keep mobility. Without diabetic neuropathy treatment, a neuropathic patient could lose the loss of his or her limbs as well as his or her freedom and independence.

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