What is Neuropathy In Feet?

Many questions surround the disease known as Neuropathy in Feet. How one develops the disease pricks everyone’s curiosity. Neuropathy in feet refers to nerve cell damage in the feet bringing with it a series of painful and uncomfortable sensations such as tingling, numbness and burning when walking. Neuropathy in feet can happen for several reasons like:

• Diabetes
• Alcohol Abuse
• Cancer

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels, over use of alcohol, HIV and chemotherapy are several of the most common reason as to why people develop neuropathy in feet. The process of being diagnosed with neuropathy in feet is a long and taxing process. A series of test will need to be done in order to assure a proper diagnosis and to establish the correct neuropathy in feet treatment plan.

Breakdown in communication
Neuropathy in feet limits the signals that travel from the nerve cells to the brain. When there is a breakdown in communication the nerve cells are unable to communicate properly a patient diagnosed with neuropathy in feet is unable to tell when he or she has been injured in the foot area and severe consequences could be had. A person’s slow reflexes due to the disease can also cause extreme difficulty when walking on new or uneven terrain. Neuropathy in feet can rob a person of the ability to enjoy walking barefoot in the summer on the warm sandy beach is treatment is not sought.

Treatment is available for neuropathy patients. There are several options such as adding Benfotiamine into ones daily menu. Benfotiamine is said to help with overall nerve cell care and the results have been rather significant in one’s neuropathy in feet. Other treatment options would include therapy such as physical therapy, massage therapy and occupational therapy that can help educate a neuropathy patient on skills needed when living their life with neuropathy in feet.

Neuropathy in feet can create chronic pain, but with the aid and assistance of a good treatment plan one is able to gain victory over the pain and continue life as close to normal as possible.

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