What Is Foot Neuropathy?

Foot neuropathy is perhaps the most common type of peripheral neuropathy that affects Diabetic individuals. Foot neuropathy is caused when nerve damage takes place that is triggered because of diabetes in a patient where the sugar levels are not properly controlled on a daily basis. Individuals who experience foot neuropathy become absolutely miserable when painful symptoms such as tingling, burning, itching, muscle weakness, cramping, as well as lack of sensation to heat, touch, or cold affect their peripheral extremities such as the feet. It is vital for individuals who have foot neuropathy to find a treatment plan, because when left untreated foot neuropathy can lead to loss of balance, or even more serious the loss of the foot (feet).


Prevention is a key word when discussing treatment plans for those suffering from foot neuropathy. The best form of prevention in foot neuropathy is foot care. If not properly treated and cared for the complications can often lead to loss of mobility, or even worse loss of the foot itself. Individuals with foot neuropathy should complete daily evaluations of the feet; patients should also be in communication with their physician and report any symptoms they might be having to their doctor as soon as possible. Any health symptoms that are related to foot problems will get worse as the day goes on because a person’s feet become more stressed as the day goes on. Once meticulous foot care is completed on a daily basis, the best approach to preventing the complications of diabetes, including foot problems, is proper diabetes management. Diabetes management can be successful when a healthy diet, regular exercise, blood sugar monitoring and adherence to a prescribed medication regimen are completed. Cessation of smoking can also be very beneficial for those suffering from foot neuropathy, as smoking causes poor blood flow, which makes it harder for wounds, especially in the extremities like the feet, to heal quickly. Also important is the daily wearing of both socks and shoes which can help to aid in prevention of the neuropathy.


There are a few specific supplements in which research has shown great promise when taken for the treatment of foot neuropathy. Of course there are many different forms of supplements that are used as effective foot neuropathy treatments, but the most commonly used are Methylcobalamine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, as well as Benfotiamine.

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