What Is Chemotherapy?

There are certain medical terms that are so commonly used and thrown around alongside with diseases and conditions that most people assume everyone knows that they are and what they mean. However, for those of us who did not attend medical school though we may have heard the term before that does not mean we have a clue as to what the term, condition or treatment means. Chemotherapy is a good example of a word or term that is commonly known and associated with cancer. However, how many people truly know what chemotherapy is?

Short Version Please

Simply said or in laymen terms chemotherapy is the treating of an ailment, condition or disease by use of chemicals. Chemicals used in chemotherapy are often used to kill off cancerous cells. The antineoplastic drugs used to treat cancer or combinations of drugs might be used in a treatment regime to help rid the body of bad cells that could have a negative effect on the patient’s body and health.


Chemotherapy can have several painful and devastating side effects altering the course of the patient’s life further than the diagnosis itself. If the patient is cured or goes into remission, the effect or toil that their chemotherapy had on their body might be played out in the development of neuropathy and the painful neuropathy symptoms such as:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Needle like pinching

Neuropathy is a condition that chemotherapy patients might develop as a result of the strong treatment regime that their fragile body had to endure. Chemotherapy can damage the nerve cells resulting in nerve damage which is also known as neuropathy.

No cure for this painful condition has been uncovered at this time, however treatment is available and nerve pain relief is a possibility with the right treatment plan. There are several treatment plans that have been known to assist chemotherapy patients in dealing with the chronic pain that can be felt when living with neuropathy. If you feel you are suffering with neuropathy symptoms, seek medical attention now to prevent further nerve cell damage and to discover a neuropathy treatment plan.

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