What Is Benfotiamine?

Keeping up with all the trends, research and new information coming from the medical field can be slightly if not undoubtedly overwhelming. For those whom have little to no experience with medicine or medical terms receiving a diagnosis from your physician can be somewhat frightening, confusing leaving the patient with several questions regarding their diagnosis, treatment for their diagnosis and what they should do once they leave that doctor appointment regarding immediate relief for their painful symptoms if any are had.

Patients are typically given a prescription to help relieve their discomfort before leaving the doctor’s office, however the medication prescribed is usually a temporary case, only prescribed to help relieve the painful symptoms temporarily till other treatment can be found, prescribed or implemented. For patients that have been diagnosed with a condition such as peripheral neuropathy medication upon diagnosis is most always prescribed to help relieve painful neuropathy symptoms till a treatment plan is laid out by your doctor.

What Is Neuropathy?                                                                                

Neuropathy symptoms can range from mild tingling to intense burning, itching and numbness. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the peripheral nerves which in return affects a person’s ability to feel or sense temperature changes, level plain changes, injuries and objects. Neuropathy symptoms can develop as a result of complications with diabetes as well as be a result of physical injury that has resulted in damaged nerve cells, alcohol abuse, and exposure to dangerous toxins; research on neuropathy is an ongoing process as more and more people are being diagnosed that do not fall into the above categories on what other factors could play a role in one developing neuropathy symptoms.

Treatment Plans

Due to the large number of patients suffering with neuropathy symptoms, researchers and physicians are constantly striving to find new ways of treating neuropathy pain. Those that have been diagnosed with neuropathy in recent years might have heard how doctors are treating their patients with a natural substance called Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine is a form of B1 that is more soluble and has proven to help in relieving nerve pain. The increase of   Thiamine Pyrophosphate can have a positive effect on the damaged nerve cells aiding in the relief of neuropathic pain. Benfotiamine is a safe way to help treat nerve pain. Once Americans were made aware of the positive effect that Benfotiamine could have on nerve pain doctors have encouraged their neuropathy patients to use it, decades later Benfotiamine is still being used to treat neuropathy with no known adverse effect.

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