What Do You Do When Your Feet No Longer Support You?

Nerve Damage TreatmentHave you ever sat in a chair only to have it crumble out from under you? The sensation of falling out of control is a horrible emotion to have to endure and not something one would expect after they have just placed their faith, trust and weight in their chair. We look at a chair and expect for it to do its job – hold us up and are caught off guard when the chair fails and lets us down (literally). We look at our hands and expect them to open and close, move, bend and work as an effective tool in accomplishing daily tasks. The same can be said about our feet.

We look down at our feet and expect that they will do their job. Feet are designed to hold one up, move one forward and help people get from spot A to spot B. Our feet are very vital to our daily functionality, without our feet we are forced to rely on others or other mechanical devices to get us to where we need to go. When our feet no longer support us our quality of life can diminish somewhat and a whole new way of life is having to be learned.

Why Feet, Why?

What would cause an individual are feet to stop supporting them? There are many reasons why a person could lose the support of their feet for example: broken foot, stubbed tow, open wound and even the loss of a limb. The most common reason why one would lose the support of his or her feet would have to do with a condition known as foot neuropathy.  Foot neuropathy is a painful disease that affects the nerve cells resulting in a series of painful symptoms such as:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Muscle Weakness


Foot neuropathy is often attained as a result of diabetic complications and can cause extreme nerve cell damage which in return causes an individual to lose sensation in his or her feet thus making their feet unable to support them any longer.

So What Is One Supposed To Do?

To avoid the severe consequences that could be had as a result of foot neuropathy those that are experiencing foot neuropathy symptoms must seek out a foot neuropathy treatment. Since foot neuropathy is often attained as a result of high blood sugar levels the first step is to insure that a healthy blood sugar count is maintained before moving on to other treatment ideas. Foot neuropathy is a form of neuropathy so neuropathic treatments can help reduce the pain and symptoms foot neuropathy patients endure. The following are a few treatment ideas in a list form. Once you have read through the list keep reading for a few more details on several of these treatment options.

  • Acupuncture
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Low Impact Exercise
  • Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Topical Creams
      • numbing cream
      • Caspian
    • Prescription Medication
    • Natural Alternatives
      • Vitamin Supplements
        • Vitamin B
        • Vitamin B1
        • Vitamin B2
        • Vitamin B6
        • Vitamin B12
        • Vitamin D
      •  Herbal
        • Feverfew
        • Oat straw
        • Skullcap
        • Passion Flower


Acupuncture is an alternative option for treating certain ailments and condition by way of needle. Needles are strategically inserted into the body and then manipulated in order to help with the following problems:

  • Relief of pain
  • Infertility
  • Migraines
  • Treats Diseases
  • Prevents Diseases

Acupuncture historically is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that the Chinese believe to be a technique that is used to allow the body to flow and re-balance. Within the last three decades, acupuncture has gained popularity here in the western world and is used and recommended by many medical professionals.

Physical Therapy

There are several goals or objectives to participating in physical therapy after being diagnosed with neuropathy.

  1. Maintaining a full range of motion
  2. Strengthening muscles that may have been weakened from the effect of neuropathy

Though a neuropathic patient may reach their goal of movement and pain tolerance when walking, it would be unwise to stop participating in physical therapy. Neuropathy patients should continue to adhere to their physical therapist maintenance instructions to avoid taking a step backwards in their therapy progress. For those neuropathic patients that suffer from diabetic neuropathy specifically should not solely rely on physical therapy as their form of neuropathy treatment, diabetic neuropathy sufferers must focus their time and energy on maintaining their blood sugar levels as their first and foremost form of neuropathy treatment.


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