What Do I Need To Know About Diabetic Foot Pain?

The body is uniquely designed. Each part of the body has a unique person that work hard to help keep other parts of the body healthy. When one part of the body is not functioning properly it can affect other parts of the body this can be said of a person whose body is not producing or properly responding to the insulin forming in their body. This issue results in high blood sugar levels also known as diabetes. High blood sugar levels over time can cause severe damage to the heart, nerves and even the kidneys.

How will diabetes affect my life?

Diabetes affects the insulin levels in a person’s body which unfortunately results in high blood sugar levels. Over time the high blood sugar levels can cause serious damage to a diabetic’s blood vessels and nerves resulting in permanent loss of feeling also known as diabetic neuropathy. When diabetic neuropathy begins to take form severe burning and pain can render a person miserable and limit their normal daily activities.

Damage to this degree is a result of a lack of circulation and blood flow to your lower extremities. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with diabetes please be aware of how vital it is that you maintain proper foot care and that you seek advice and tips from your physician.

Why do I need to worry about my feet?

People with diabetes have to take extra care and pay closer attention to their feet. A history of unstable blood sugar levels can lead a diabetic into loss of feeling in his or her feet. Due to the lack of feeling a person living with diabetes might not be aware when they experience some form of foot trauma such as a blister, or cut. If this cut or blister is not treated a person with diabetes risks getting an infection which could result in his or her losing their foot.

It is extremely important for men and women with diabetes check their feet on a daily basis for any sign of a cut, blister or infection. Speak with a doctor immediately if you notice redness or swelling in any part of your foot.

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