Walking On Eggshells

My daughter was helping me bake brownies the other night when she reached over and grabbed an egg right out of the egg carton and before I had time to react she gently squeezed and egg and egg shell went right into my brownie mixture. It happened so quickly that I had little time to react or respond but I do recall thinking how fragile that egg was and how little effort it took for my three year old to ruin a batch of brownies from one simple squeeze.

Does it ever feel like life is like an egg? That in just a few short moments something that started out as a fun normal activity winds up in nothing more than a cracked mess? Life is such a fragile thing and when something comes along to rock the boat it seems as though in just a few seconds everything is cracking and falling into the bowl of life making nothing more than just a huge mess. I can think of several life situations that could arise and cause a mess of things.

Our health being threatened in one of the many concerns that could threaten the onset of a cracked mess; being diagnosed with a painful condition such as neuropathy in feet not only makes a mess out of life but with every painful step taken is a reminder of how fragile eggs really are. For me this simple illustration of broken egg shells made me stop and rethink about all those suffering with such a painful condition such as neuropathy in feet and how blessed I am to only be dealing with a ruined batch of brownies.

Cleaning Up The Mess

Neuropathy in feet is often a condition that develops as a result of complication with diabetes that threatens one’s ability to walk pain free.  Painful symptoms such as numbness, tingling and needle like pains are felt with every step taken. Neuropathy in feet may not be curable however, it is treatable. Since neuropathy in feet is often related to diabetes one step in finding nerve pain relief is fixing the negative feeding habits that may have developed. Correcting blood sugar levels and increasing the intake of Vitamin B enriched foods could help reduce the painful neuropathy in feet symptoms.

Take time to seek help and gain control of your life, you do not have to stare into a ruined batch of brownies for the rest of your life, get help and live pain free!

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