The numb feet associated with diabetic and peripheral neuropathy can not be cured fully but treatments can be adopted to provide relief in the symptoms and to prevent the further development of the disease. The initial treatment depends on finding the cause and treating them and the second goal of the treatment is relieving the pain. In addition few supplements are added to treat the deficiency such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacine and vitamin B6 which are known to cause diabetic neuropathy.


Pain relief should be the first motto in the treatment. Pain can be relieved by taking medicines such as opioid pain relievers like codeine. These should be taken with care as these drugs are known to cause serious side effects on organs and also produce addiction for these drugs. numbing cream patch and capsaicin creams are also used for pain relief caused by nerve damage. These are applied to the painful area and produce no side effects.


Antidepressants can treat pain associated with numb feet and help in neuropathy treatment. Some tricyclic antidepressants which are useful include amitriptyline, desipramine and pertefrane. They relieve the pain by inhibiting the chemical process responsible for pain in brain and spine. Duloxetine , citalopram and bupropion are other antidepressants that can help. Feeling of nausea, vomiting, generalized weekness, fatigue, loss of appetite and sluggish bowel movements are the few side effects caused by taking antidepressants.


Epileptic or anticonvulsants used for treating epilepsy can also provide relief in treating tingling feet and nerve pain. These drugs include topamax, phenytoin, pregablin, gabapentin, tegretol and carbamazepine. These should be taken after consulting the doctor as they can cause dullness, dizziness and drowsiness.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a therapy used for numb feet and pain of peripheral neuropathy. In this the small electrodes are used to stimulate the nerves by placing them on skin and delivering electric current to the nerves involved. It should be done regularly for improvement and is safe and painless technique.


Acupuncture is very effective in neuropathic treatment and numbness of feet. It is best for chronic pain and needs regular sessions for relief. Hypnosis is also helpful and requires trained hypnosis practitioner and self motivation of the patient to get relief by changing individual’s perception to pain.


Although there are several treatment options prescribed by doctors, it is always best to search for a natural solution in order to avoid additional side effects. Over the last 10 years there have been numerous clinical studies done to determine which vitamins and minerals help relieve nerve pain and treat neuropathy. Doctors have found that there are 3 vitamins that have the biggest impact on neuropathy symptoms. These ingredients are:

  • Vitamin B12 in the form of Methylcobalamine
  • Vitamin B1 in the form of Benfotiamine
  • Alpha lipoic acid

When combined in a nerve support formula, these 3 ingredients give your nerves a chance to heal themselves and reduce or eliminate your neuropathy.

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