Treatment For Neuropathy In Feet

  • July 15, 2019
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Treatment For Neuropathy In Feet

Individuals rely on their feet to keep them upright when walking, as well as to get them from point A to point B. Proper functioning feet are crucial to an individual’s capability to participate in normal everyday activities. When an injury takes place in the foot, the injury can in turn limit the level of normalcy that an individual can have until the injury itself is healed.

Neuropathy in feet is a condition that is often times caused as a complication from Diabetes and the symptoms of neuropathy in feet can be overwhelming. Those individuals who have had the misfortune of being diagnosed with neuropathy in feet live in chronic pain and are forced to suffer through daily activities and tasks with the knowledge that there is no cure for neuropathy in feet that have been discovered at this point in time. While there is currently no cure for neuropathy (or neuropathy in feet) there are some simple steps that individuals who suffer from neuropathy in feet can take in order to attain a lessening in the amount of nerve pain that is felt on a daily basis.


Low Impact Exercises

It might seem a bit of an oxymoron to say that treatment for neuropathy in feet should include daily exercise, but in fact, daily exercise (when completely properly) can help to improve the amount of nerve pain felt. Maintaining a healthy blood circulation in the lower extremities helps to aid in blood traveling to the affected area taking with its powerful antioxidants that can have a positive result on reliving the painful neuropathy in feet symptoms that the individual may be experiencing. There are several low impact exercises when completed on a daily basis, could help to lessen the nerve pain while helping the individual function at a normal activity level.

Those low impact exercises are:

  • Range Of Motion – Range of motion is vital in keeping limbs from stiffening. The exercises should be done close to the joint and provide a circular motion.
  • Toe Tapping – This exercise can be done while sitting in a chair heels on the floor. Keeping heels on the floor gently raise toes up as high as possible, then lower the toes back to the floor and gently tap several times with the toes. This exercise can be done with several variants such as the heels can be touching and forming a V bring toes up rotate them in and then back to the floor.
  • Leg Pointers – Sit in a chair, knees together. Lift one foot off the floor while straightening the knees at the same time. Once the foot and leg have been extended, attempt to point the toes forward then back at your body. Repeat several times before moving on to the other foot.
  • Enjoyable – If an individual loves more active exercises, then walking or swimming might be the perfect fit. Both swimming and walking are considered to be two low impact exercises that can help maintain mobility and limit the amount of pain felt with neuropathy in feet while still being an enjoyable exercise to many individuals.


Lifestyle Remedies

  • Diet & Exercise. Healthy eating is important for a person looking for a foot neuropathy treatment. Emphasis must be placed on making sure that the patient acquires crucial vitamins and minerals in their daily nutritional intake. Keeping fit and healthy help to aid with circulation, oxygen flow, as well as helping to keep glucose levels under control (which is of vital importance for those suffering from foot neuropathy related to diabetes).
  • Cessation of Smoking. This can be very beneficial, especially for those suffering from foot neuropathy, because smoking causes poor blood flow which in turn makes it harder for the body to heal wounds or cuts properly.
  • Daily Foot Care. Foot care is very important, especially when it comes to dealing with foot neuropathy in regards to patients with diabetes. Daily evaluations should consist of checking for wounds, cuts, blisters, or sores. Keeping the feet clean and dry as well as the avoidance of tight shoes or socks can also help relieve symptoms.



Therapies that are generally used for neuropathic pain treatment are massage, acupuncture, as well as biofeedback. Massage therapy is an effective neuropathic pain treatment because it can help by bringing oxygen to the tissues and improving peripheral circulation. Acupuncture is another form of alternative therapy for neuropathy, as well as nerve stimulation. Another successful neuropathic pain treatment is biofeedback which is a form of therapy that uses an electrical machine that helps patients learn ways to better control or reduce the physical reactions that can increase feelings of both stress and pain. Other therapy alternatives for neuropathic pain treatment include the use of Nerve Block Injections, as well as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulations (TENS).



Supplements that are commonly used for neuropathic pain treatment are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, as well as Methylcobalamine. Each of these supplements has been proven in research to provide successful relief to those searching for neuropathic pain treatment.

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