Treating Neuropathy In Feet With The Use Of Supplements

The condition of Neuropathy is one that takes place when nerve damage occurs. This nerve damage can appear in many different ways and can have many different causes. However, the most common cause of nerve damage, especially in regards to neuropathy in feet, is when complications from diabetes arise. If diabetic patients allow their glucose levels to rise to high levels and those levels stay elevated for too long a period of time then nerve damage can result. When nerve damage appears in diabetic patients it is commonly referred to as peripheral neuropathy, or neuropathy in feet, because often the areas of the extremities of the body are affected first, and most commonly the feet.

The symptoms of neuropathy in feet include pain, itching, burning, needle like sensations, as well as a lack of sensations in regards to heat, cold, or touch. When these symptoms begin to occur, especially in the feet, often a diagnosis of neuropathy in feet is termed, and immediate treatment for the symptoms should take place so that no further damage will occur. There are many different forms of treatment for neuropathy in feet, but for those individuals who wish to find symptom relief and treatment for neuropathy in feet a more natural way then supplements is an excellent alternative to prescription medications.

Three Supplements to Treat Neuropathy In Feet

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid – is a supplement that is an excellent antioxidant that can help to protect the nerve cells from damage, can restore levels of vitamins E and C, and can also greatly increase the functional and conduction of the neurons in those who have been diagnosed with neuropathy in feet. More specifically Alpha Lipoic Acid can help to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy in feet such as burning, numbness, itching as well as tingling that occurs in the foot and/or feet.
  2. Benfotiamine – is a supplement which is a fat soluble form of thiamine (also known as vitamin B-1). Research has shown that Benfotiamine can help reduce nerve pain which is excellent news for those that are suffering from neuropathy in feet.

Methylcobalamine – is a supplement which is a water soluble vitamin, more commonly known as an innovative form of Vitamin B-12. This supplement is affordable, well tolerated, effective, easily attainable, and virtually free of side effects which makes it an excellent supplement for treating neuropathy in feet

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