Treating Neuropathy: How To Reduce Tingling and Numbness

Some people may experience tingling and numbness in feet and hands due to various causes. In numbness there is no feeling when the affected part is touched. The tingling sensation is characterized by abnormal sensation. This particular sensation is very common in patients suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Numbness can occur anywhere in the body but however the most common points are feet and hands. The nerve damages and lack of blood circulation in the affected part are supposed to be the reason for numbness and tingling sensation. Since numbness is due to nerve damage and low blood circulation some other diseases and physical conditions that result in nerve damages can also produce this feeling. Certain drugs and neuropathic creams can help to reduce this irritation while treating peripheral neuropathy.

Common Causes for Numbness:

The following physical conditions are supposed to be the major factors responsible for numbness in our body.

  • Nerve injuries in neck and lower back may cause numbness in various points in the body.
  • Sciatica characterized by the inflammation of the sciatic nerve may produce numbness in feet.
  • Often numbness and tingling sensation may develop when a person remains in the same position for a long time due to low blood circulation.
  • Peripheral neuropathy characterized by pain and burning sensation as a result of diabetes.
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, that is, the condition wherein the median nerve in the wrist is irritated resulting in numbness in fingers.
  • Toxicity in nerves caused by lead, alcohol or tobacco.
  • Ischemia which means that there is low blood supply in the blood vessels due to constriction or any block in the blood vessels.
  • Multiple sclerosis characterized by damages to the myelin sheath of nerves.

Apart from the above common causes, numbness can be developed as a result of toxins or when using certain medications and as after effects of certain complicated surgeries or radiation therapy.

What Treatment is Available for Numbness and Tingling?

There are no specific medicines for numbness that give a permanent relief. The first thing to do is to take action to control the underlying disease like diabetes or low blood circulation. You need to make certain changes in your life styles by taking exercises and eating a balanced food to rejuvenate nerves and blood circulation. Usually doctors recommend a combination of therapies that include medicines, physical therapy, occupational therapy and vitamin supplements. In recent times herbal medicines have shown promising results because of their property to act on nerves and blood circulation.

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