Treating Neuropathic Foot Pain With Benfotiamine

Neuropathy is a nerve disorder that takes place when nerves are damaged and no longer are able to send proper signals to the brain in regards to sensations such as heat, touch, cold, and pain. When neuropathy and the symptoms of neuropathy occur it is important that proper treatment be given right way in order to both improve the symptoms, as well as prevent further nerve damage from occurring. One way, other than using medications, to treat neuropathic foot pain is with the use of Benfotiamine.

What is Benfotiamine?

Benfotiamine is a non-prescription, over the counter derivative of Thiamine. As a supplement is serves an important role in the body of breaking down dietary sugars and promoting good nerve health. Benfotiamine can be found naturally in very small amounts of roasted, crushed garlic as well as other vegetable such as onions, shallots, as well as leeks. As a supplement, Benfotiamine can be given as an oral dosage. Benfotiamine is known to be safe when taken as a supplement and it is not linked to any serious side effects. Benfotiamine also does not have any known negative interactions with other medications, and in fact the use of some medications can cause a thiamine deficiently which the use of Benfotiamine would help to correct. Another benefit of using Benfotiamine as supplement is that it is a lipid-soluble form of Thiamine and can remain in the body longer and be much more effective in providing treatment.

How is Benfotiamine Beneficial?

  • Nerve Regeneration – There has been successful research that has shown Benfotiamine to be beneficial in helping to repair and prevent nerve damage.
  • Prevents Blood Vessel Degeneration – this is especially important for neuropathy sufferers with Diabetes. Some studies have shown that Benfotiamine can actually revers some of the symptoms of diabetes related neuropathy.
  • Reduces Harmful Byproducts – Studies have shown that Benfotiamine can function to help reduce levels of harmful byproducts that are caused by high blood sugar in the tissues of the body, or to help treat the slow progression of diabetes associated complications such as diabetic neuropathy, as well as diabetes related retina and kidney damage.


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