Treating Nerve Pain With Benfotiamine

Nerve pain is one of the painful symptoms of a condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition that affects nerve cell endings. When damage to the nerve endings occur painful sensations are triggered throughout the joints commonly felt in the hands and feet. Nerve damage is caused by several deciding factors some of which can be avoided.

Avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol is a positive step toward avoiding health complications such as neuropathy and nerve pain. Diet and exercise is another. Proper eating habits not only prevent high blood sugar, cholesterol, obesity and diabetes if also can lessen ones chances of living their life with neuropathy pain. Eating food rich in vitamin B can help increase ones nerve health therefore drastically reducing the risk of damaging nerve cells.

Not all neuropathy causes can be avoided by simply eating right and exercising, there are those situations that happen by chance and the patient must learn to adapt to the new challenges they will face with neuropathy while coping with the painful symptoms it brings.  Physical injuries that cause un-repairable damage to the spine could lead to a life-long struggle with nerve pain, chemotherapy could cause nerve endings to become desensitized as well as diabetic complications.

Long Lasting Relief

Whatever the cause may be neuropathy is not a condition that one wants to do nothing about, neuropathy is painful and if not treated could lead to lifelong complications such as a lack of mobility or amputation. Neuropathy treatment can help lessen the intensity of pain felt and the right combination of neuropathy treatment could even lead to a complete loss of nerve pain!

Research over the last five or ten years has reviled the healing effect that the natural supplement Benfotiamine could have on nerve pain and overall nerve health. Benfotiamine is a synthetic form of Vitamin B1 once absorbed Benfotiamine has the ability to move freely to the damaged nerve cells taking healing proprieties. Patients suffering with neuropathic symptoms have reported that they felt an improvement when adding a daily dosage of Benfotiamine to their routine. Benfotiamine supplements when combined with other natural ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic acid  has been known to eliminate nerve pain altogether.

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