Treating Foot Neuropathy With Low Impact Exercise

Life after diagnosis can be difficult for foot neuropathy patients making them feel as though life from this point on will be bleak and meaningless. Foot neuropathy is a painful condition that limits one’s ability to function and move about freely. Foot neuropathy is often one of the complications associated with diabetes; there are other causes such as a vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse or chemotherapy that could lead to foot neuropathy however the most common cause would have to be as a result of diabetes.

Severe foot pain can drive foot neuropathy patients to the brink of depression and anxiety over what their future may hold, this is understandable due to the severity of their diagnosis. Foot neuropathy has no known cure, thus creating a dreaded and bleak future. Though no cure for neuropathy has been uncovered as of yet, that does not mean there is no hope for foot neuropathy sufferers. For years, the only form of foot neuropathy treatment came in the form of prescription medications that in their original design was not formulated to meet the needs of neuropathic patients.

With new information regarding neuropathy and neuropathy treatment, medical professionals are now able to educate their foot neuropathy patients on how to treat their nerve pain without the use of prescription medication. Promoting overall nerve health, proper diet and exercise medical professionals now encourage foot neuropathy patients to find a treatment program that is balanced and effective at reliving foot neuropathy pain.

Getting With The Program  

Making the time to create a foot neuropathy treatment with the aid and assistance of a medical professional may take time and effort but will be so worth the hard work in the end. Daily vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 can help relieve nerve pain, regenerate deadened nerve cells while promoting overall nerve health. Secondly, conjuring up a low impact exercise regime will be beneficial in getting foot neuropathy patients back on track toward a healthy active life.

And lastly, never give up! Though it may seem counterproductive to form an exercise program when merely standing upright for two minutes creates agonizing pain, but the truth is low impact exercises such as walking and swimming increase muscle strength, muscle coordination and encourages blood circulation all of which are lost with foot neuropathy.

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