Tips to Living Life with Foot Neuropathy Pain

Much information is available for those who seek it our in regards to living life with neuropathy in the feet. Neuropathy is a frustrating disease to which there is no cure. Neuropathy in the feet can be developed due to a prier condition such as diabetes; other causes for this horrible disease could be genetics, alcohol or Aids. There are several cases of which no diagnoses or explanation can be had as to why the patient develops neuropathy. Foot neuropathy creates painful symptoms such as burning, tingling or numbness in the foot area making walking a challenge and normal daily activities frustrating.

Living with nerve damage especially in an area that is so commonly used to function can cause a person to struggle with depression and anxiety. Activities that the patient once enjoyed activities such as dancing, shopping, walking barefoot on the beach or in their home no longer bringing them pleasure but intense pain. Neuropathic pain can become so severe that people have been known to give up their freedom and mobility and take to their couch and become somewhat of the hermit barley venturing past their front door.

Several treatment options need to be brought into the light for those suffering from foot neuropathy. Being confined to a chair, couch or bed is certainly no way to live out the remainder of ones life. Relief from pain is possible and listed below are a few tips of how one can live with foot neuropathic pain and live it actively.

Tip #1 – Proper foot wear and care is vital! Refrain from uncomfortable blister forming shoes and socks that allow no room for circulation and provide no cushion and comfort. Check your feet daily for signs of cuts, blisters or infections and treat promptly.

Tip #2 – Eating healthy and the right kind of foods can help lessen the painful flares ups. Make sure your diet is low in fat but full of fiber. Be aware if your body is eating enough fruits and vegetables and if not implement them somehow into your menu.

Tip #3 – Staying active though might be painful at first will have a drastic affect on your overall pain level. The less the muscles are worked the stiffer and more painful they will become.

And finally regardless of your diagnosis stay upbeat and positive. Treatments and medicine have come a long way and you never know when a new breakthrough could happen.

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