Three Keys To Relieving Numb Feet

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Foot numbness can cause much difficulty to one who lives alone or is accustom to an active and busy lifestyle. Numb feet is a symptomatic way of communicating with the body that somewhere in the body a break down in communication between the central nervous system and nerve cells has occurred. Damage to the nervous system is also known as neuropathy and with neuropathy comes all sorts of painful symptoms such as:

• Tingling
• Painful Joints
• Muscle Weakness

Diabetic Neuropathy
The most common form of neuropathy is diabetic neuropathy that millions of Americans suffer from. Diabetic patients can develop neuropathy when their blood sugar levels remain unbalanced over long periods of time. When a diabetic develops neuropathy it is most commonly felt in the foot area resulting in the patient have painful sensations and numb feet.

Neuropathy has no cure but there are several ways a person dealing with the painful symptoms of numbness can find relief. There are three key treatments that can help a patient find relief and still function in way that is beneficial to living independently.

Topical Cream

Topical creams can help relieve neuropathic pain temporarily. A simple application throughout the day to the feet is all that is needed. Topical creams and treatments such as numbing cream patches are said to work wonderfully and are safe to use at least four patches a day. For more natural pain relief remedies one might want to try Tee Tree oil or Caspian Cream these two natural pain relief treatments that provide a warming sensation to help ease the pain associated with the numbness in the feet.

Massage Therapy

Though a person suffering with neuropathy in the feet might be overly sensitive to touch, massage therapy has proven to provide pain relief when done correctly. Massaging the foot in a manner of which promotes nerve cell stimulation can help ease the numbness and needle like pinching. Speaking with your physician about possible massage therapy treatments might prove to be a beneficial treatment option.

Regular Exercise

Maintaining an exercise routine will help keep muscles strong and flexible. By maintaining a healthy body weight a person can relieve the amount of pressure put on their numb feet each day which ultimately will help reduce the amount of pain felt due to the numb feet

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