The Four Herbs You Need to Banish Neuropathy

  • January 28, 2019
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The Four Herbs You Need to Banish Neuropathy

Those painful jolts happen because your nerves can’t communicate properly, which often happens after fragile nerve cells take some damage. That can cause signals at the wrong times, on the wrong channels – even signals that shouldn’t be sent at all.

Luckily, you can help your body soothe those screaming nerves… even grow fresh new nerve cells… and put out the fire with a proprietary blend of four soothing restorative herbs.


Communication breakdown sends bad signals

Every sensation you feel comes from a nerve signal, an electric message that flows between your body and your brain. When your nerves are perfectly healthy, you’ll only feel sensations like pain and heat when you stub a toe or touch a hot pan. But a system hiccup can make those sensations go haywire, causing all sorts of uncomfortable feelings for no reason at all.

Your nerve cells are very delicate, and extra vulnerable to damage. When nerve cells get damaged, they can’t communicate properly, and they end up sending the wrong messages. That results in neuropathy: pain, itchiness, and numbness that show up without warning, and never seem to fade away.

But give your fragile nerve cells the kind of support they need and those painful messages will begin to quiet down. It won’t happen overnight… but one day soon you’ll notice that putting on shoes and socks don’t move you to the edge of tears… that the pins and needles that you used to plague you all night and day have simply faded away.


A Team of Healing Herbs

Before there were pharmaceutical companies packed with labs and scientists and virtually unlimited budgets, people used whatever they could to help themselves feel better. That’s why people all over the world have turned to plants for thousands of years. Plants contain powerful natural chemicals that offer a wide variety of benefits, from fighting viruses to shutting down painful inflammation.Healing herbs for neuropathy in mortar and pestle

The trick is to know exactly which plants you need to fix whatever’s bothering you. Over generations, natural healers have thoroughly documented the healing powers of hundreds of plants… and now scientists study those very same plants to learn exactly what they can do.

And when it comes to calming overactive nerve signals – a message that sends pain shooting down your arms and legs or hit your feet with an agonizing burning sensation – four ancient plants give your body the support it needs to soothe those worked up nerves:

• Feverfew
• Oat straw
• Passionflower
• Skullcap

You’ll find a proprietary blend of high-quality extracts of those four soothing herbs in a revolutionary nerve formula called Nerve Renew, along with the healthy-nerve nutrients your body needs to fight back.


Feverfew Targets the Nerve Channel

Your nerves communicate over special channels, including one called TRPA1 that’s involved with pain signals. When that channel gets stimulated, you feel hot…cold… itchiness… and pain. But a unique compound called parthenolide found in feverfew targets the TRPA1 channel, quieting those signals and muting their painful effects.

It’s no wonder feverfew is also called “medieval aspirin.” The flowering herb has been shown to calm inflammation, soothe painful sensations, and stop spasms (like foot cramps). In studies where animals suffered from neuropathic pain, feverfew helped them find relief.


Oat Straw Calms the System

Oat straw comes from wild green oats, and people have been using it to calm the nervous system since ancient times. In fact, this healing plant is used traditionally as a nerve tonic, because it contains special plant chemicals that moderate nerve cell responses. The most potent of those is called gramine, and it brings the mildly sedating effect that overactive nerve cells need.

Along with gramine, oat straw contains many other plant chemicals (including flavonoids) along with a full roster of essential nutrients. Those nutrients include high levels of B vitamins, which are crucial for healthy nerves and nerve cell repair. By delivering those key raw materials, oat straw helps supply your body with what it needs to fight the damage that can cause neuropathy.


Passion Flower Turns on Your Brain’s Pain-Stopper

Your brain produces a special chemical called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) that helps regulate how your body senses pain: more GABA means you feel less pain. In fact, for some people, restoring healthy GABA levels brings blessed relief from neuropathy.Image compilation of passionflower tea for anxiety by life renew

That’s where passion flower, a beautiful flowering herb, can help. For generations, people have turned to passion flower to calm their nerves and quiet nerve pain, and now we know just how it works. Passionflower helps stimulate GABA receptors, allowing them to ease pain signals even after nerve damage has occurred.


Skullcap Takes on Oxidative Stress

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are created when we move, eat, and breathe – they’re unavoidable. When free radicals bounce around in your body, they cause oxidative stress to your cells. And since your nerve cells are especially fragile, that oxidative stress can cause some damage. To combat free radicals, your body produces antioxidants… but sometimes that’s just not enough, and you need to get extra antioxidants from foods and herbs.

Skullcap (a weird-sounding plant whose flowers look like little hats) supplies superior antioxidant power – exactly what your body needs to fight free radicals before they can damage your precious nerve cells. And when they’re not constantly under attack from oxidative stress, those cells have a chance to complete their normal repair processes. On top of that, skullcap has also been shown to have a mild sedating effect (great for overactive nerves) and anti-spasm properties (to stop those twitchy feelings in your fingers and toes).


4 nerve-calming herbs plus 6 crucial nutrients

Along with a proprietary blend of four healing herbs, Nerve Renew contains six powerful nutrients that support nerve health and regeneration – the exact toolkit your body needs to take on neuropathy and win.

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