The Effects Of Methylcobalamine

Methylcobalamine is supplemental form of Vitamin B-12. It is water soluble and falls within the essential biological compounds known as cobalamins. In the United States, Methylcobalamine is a very affordable, natural, and effective form of supplemental therapy that is readily available, well tolerated and virtually free of side effects. It can be given either intravenously or by tablets/capsules in an oral dosage. Of course as with any medication (either over the counter or prescription) as well as any supplement it is important for an individual to be aware of any possible interactions. Individuals seeking treatment should also never self-diagnose nor self-treat, but should be in constant communication with a board certified physician. Methylcobalamine plays a key role in sleep. It is also known for having a key role in the functioning of the nervous system, this is of extraordinary importance for those who suffer from Diabetes and neuropathy.

Methylcobalamine and Diabetes

An individual with Diabetes has enough to deal with by having a diagnosis of that disease alone, unfortunately however they will find themselves also having to deal with the pain and symptoms from neuropathy. Neuropathy results from nerve damage, in the case of Diabetics, that has been caused by out of control glucose levels (usually levels that have been too high for too long). Recent studies have shown that Methylcobalamine is able to show regeneration within the nerves of humans by increasing protein synthesis to actually help restore the compromised nerve cells. Diabetic neuropathy patients deal with agonizing symptoms such as tingling, burning, needle-like pain, or lack of sensations such as touch, heat, or cold. Methylcobalamine has been proven beneficial with the somatic symptoms, such as pain, that are often associated with neuropathy. It has also been shown to improve autonomic symptoms; in fact studies show that symptomatic relief may be greater with the use of Methylcobalamine than with electrophysiological therapies. Diabetic individuals can expect to see noted improvement with the painful sensations they feel when taking supplemental Methylcobalamine, and more importantly studies have shown that symptom relief can last much longer than other forms of medication or therapies


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