The Effects Of Methylcobalamine On Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a collection of disorders that pertains to the nerves where damage has taken place and these nerves no longer work properly to relay information to the brain. Symptoms of Neuropathy can include pain, weakness, sharp and/or stabbing pains, pins and/or needles sensations, as well as a lack of sensations in regards to heat, cold, or even touch.

The use of supplements for the treatment of neuropathy has been proven in many studies to be highly beneficial as well as successful in providing symptom relief and helping the individual to achieve a better overall quality of life. One such supplement that can be used for the treatment of neuropathy is that of Methylcobalamine.

What is Methylcobalamine?

Methylcobalamine is a supplement that that is falls under the classification of water soluble vitamins and essential biological compounds that are known as cobalamins.  In the U.S. individuals may more easily recognize this compound in its original form known as Vitamin B-12.  When supplements are adapted in order to work more effectively at treating certain conditions and problems they can become much more beneficial to the individuals who need them.  Methylcobalamine is an affordable and natural therapy that is readily available, easily tolerated and is virtually free from side effects.  In supplemental form it can be taken either intravenously or orally.  It is recommended to first receive a full evaluation from a physician and to have a proper diagnosis before any supplement is used for treatment. Careful consideration should be taken for monitoring of any and all medications and supplements that are taken by an individual in order to avoid any possible interactions that might take place.

Beneficial Aspects of Methylcobalamine

Methylcobalamine has been proven by many studies to be beneficial in a few areas that are helpful to those suffering from neuropathy.

  • Nerve Regeneration – Methylcobalamine is particularly beneficial to those suffering from peripheral neuropathy because it is known for playing a key role in the functioning of the nervous system.  There have been very few studies that have been able to produce any significant data showing nerve regeneration among humans, however with Methylcobalamine research has shown that it can actually increase the protein synthesis within the cell and help to regenerate compromised nerve cells in the body.  For individuals who are seeking to find a treatment for peripheral neuropathy and nerve regeneration, another supplement that has been proven also is highly successful (especially when used alongside Methylcobalamine) is Alpha Lipoic Acid. Research indicates that Methylcobalamine can in fact aid in the delivery of Alpha Lipoic Acid to the peripheral nerves much more proficiently thus providing better results.
  • Balance Improvement – Another issue that many neuropathy sufferers deal with is a lack of balance because of symptoms of the nerve damage. It is thought that this lack of balance is caused because of the other symptoms as well as a lack of B-12 that can commonly occur in neuropathy patients. Methylcobalamine is an acceptable form of supplemental replacement for a B-12 deficiency and can aid in helping to improve balance.

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