The Effect Diabetes Has On The Feet

Diabetes is a crazy disease that plagues millions of men and women. Diabetes is when a person has too much blood sugar in their body because the body does not produce enough insulin to turn the sugar into energy or when the body just rejects insulin altogether. Diabetes is a lifelong condition that could cause further health complications if the high levels of blood sugar are unable to be managed.

Upon diagnosis a diabetic is given strict instructions on how to manage his or her blood sugar levels, this is done through a series of different methods the main one being watching ones sugar intake, but others instructions include daily exercise and proper fitting shoes. Huh? I know it sounds crazy to think that what a  person wears on his or her feet has any reflection on what the pancreas is doing in regards to turning sugar into energy, but it does. High levels of blood sugar is unable to be managed will eventually eat away at the nerve cell endings causing neuropathy to develop.

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is when damage has occurred and a loss of feeling is now had as a result. For diabetics, neuropathy is a very common complication of their disease. Neuropathy for a diabetic often develops in the feet first causing a condition known as foot neuropathy. Foot neuropathy affects a person’s ability to walk correctly and without pain. Foot neuropathy causes painful sensations in the feet such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking when walking. With sensations such as the one’s listed, a diabetic patient now has to worry about the circulation to his or her feet.

Wearing proper fitting shoes is one way to keep circulation from being blocked, exercise and physical therapy is another instrument used in regards to foot neuropathy treatment. Without an effective foot neuropathy treatment, an individual could lose the loss of mobility and possibly even a foot. How? With a lack of feeling present in the foot, the diabetic might miss an injury, cut, blister or bruise and if left untreated the area can become infected and an infected area might need to be amputated.

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