The Dangers of Numb Feet

Numb feet and tingling feet are both symptoms of neuropathy- either peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy (a condition brought on by diabetes).

Though numb feet aren’t considered painful, they certainly are a dangerous symptom that shouldn’t be ignored. Neuropathy is a condition that affects millions of people globally, but no one person experiences the same combination of symptoms of levels of intensity.

For some, the pain in their feet is enough to be debilitating, and the normal methods of pain relief don’t work. There are those who experiences numbness in their feet that can lead to serious energy and infection.

Numb feet can’t normally be treated by neuropathy creams containing capsaicin, so other methods of neuropathy treatment are needed.

Why are numb feet so dangerous?

  • Can you imagine walking along in your bare feet and accidentally catching the side of your foot on the bottom of the door?
  • Can you imagine not being able to feel that?
  • Can you imagine the amount of damage that could be done if the wound on the foot goes untended because you didn’t know it was there until you saw the trail of blood you were leaving on the floor?

People suffering from diabetic neuropathy are especially at risk for infections because with diabetes, open wounds take much longer to heal.

So what can you do to help reverse foot numbness? One of the most popular neuropathy treatments is nerve support formula. Nerve support formula is a special mix of B vitamins that have been naturally enhanced to more efficiently fight the nerve damage associated with neuropathy.

These B vitamins are what the body uses to rebuild, restore, regenerate, and strengthen the nerve connections and sheaths so that the incidences of misfiring that cause numb feet, and tingling feet are lessened.

No, the nerve support formula doesn’t work overnight, but if taken daily, the nerve support formula can help reverse the symptoms of neuropathy and help get your numb feet under control.

There is nothing scarier than wondering if a leisurely walk through the tall grass is going to lead to an infection in your feet, but with a daily dose of B vitamins in the nerve support formula, you can feel confident that your feet are being cared for from the inside out.

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