The Connection Between Diabetes And Neuropathy

Well the first question the reader may be asking is what is Benfotiamine? Benfotiamine is a newer form of the vitamin B1. Unlike Thiamine B1 (which is water soluble) Benfotiamine is fat soluble vitamin, which means it can be much more easily absorbed into the body. Because it is fat soluble it can be used at much higher dosages than the commonly found form of vitamin B1. Benfotiamine is known to be helpful in the treatment of many neurological diseases; some examples would be neuropathy (also known as nerve damage) or peripheral neuropathy (which is often associated with Diabetes).

How does Benfotiamine Help with Peripheral Neuropathy?

The use of supplements for the treatment of conditions, including neuropathy, has seen a significant increase in interest over the past decade and many studies and clinical trials have been completed in order to show that the use of supplements, such as Benfotiamine, are both beneficial and useful  as treatment options for neuropathy. When speaking of neuropathy in regards to Diabetic patients, most will experience what is dubbed as peripheral neuropathy, clinically termed as so because it affects the peripheral extremities of the body such as the arms, hands, legs, and most often the feet. Diabetic patients are most often diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy after their glucose levels have been out of control (usually high) for quite some time, as this is what created the nerve damage in the first place. When Diabetes patients begin to have symptoms from peripheral neuropathy they will experience sensations such as tingling, burning, itching, as well as loss of certain sensations such as heat, cold, or even touch. Once this nerve damage takes place and the brain is no longer properly communicating with the nerves in the peripheral extremities the possibility of injury and infection drastically increases.  Because neuropathy (nerve pain) can affect many areas of an individual’s life (ranging from walking to completing even the simple tasks of daily life) treatment for this condition is a must.  Studies have shown that using Benfotiamine as a treatment for neuropathy can actually help to reduce the micro vascular damage that is caused from high glucose levels that occur in Diabetic individuals. It is also known to help in the treatment of the nerve pain itself as it seems to reduce this pain.

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