Developed in Japan early in the 1960’s, benfotiamine was used to treat alcoholic neuritis. Benfotiamine is actually a synthetic form of thiamine (vitamin B-1) which is taken as a vitamin supplement. It metabolizes quickly and, unlike the regular vitamin B’s which are water soluble, benfotiamine is lipid-soluble (fat-soluble) and can be used in much higher levels safely than the common vitamin B-1. It doesn’t accumulate in the body and interact with other medications. Although studies show no adverse effects on people, however, it is wise to check with your doctor before taking any supplement no matter how good it sounds. The U.S.FDA hasn’t made any evaluations on this supplement as to its effectiveness, so it can’t really be prescribed for a “cure” or treatment.


Benfotiamine is the most effective form of thiamine and has proven beneficial for people who have neuropathy. According to studies the results are rather encouraging even for other conditions such as alcoholism, fibromyalgia, vascular health, sciatica and even including treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. I often wondered why we haven’t heard much on this so called “morale vitamin”. Not only for people who have neuropathy, but individuals with a deficiency of thiamine can benefit from benfotiamine.

The benefits of benfotiamine have gone unnoticed until a report on studies done on it showed improved results for neuropathy. Since the patent expired several years ago a lack of interest caused this wonderful supplement to decline in notoriety until perhaps now due to an article from Dr.Brownlee in Nature Medicine.

Patients with neuropathy have experienced positive results when taking benfotiamine. Most people who have neuropathy of the feet notice the tingling went away and the ability to walk improved. I can’t believe the cases on file of people getting better from so many different conditions all because of benfotiamine. Then why doesn’t the FDA check it out and get it approved so doctors can prescribe this supplement to help those with all these disorders? I think it has something to do with money.

Since this is thiamine, which is vitamin B-1, and rather commonly found in whole wheat, brewer’s yeast, dried yeast, oatmeal, peanuts, vegetables and dairy products, the profit margin might not be big enough to warrant massive production. Until then I would do like others and try it only after I talk to my doctor first, of course.



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