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4.6 Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 415 Ratings

October 1, 2019 by Sharon L. (WA, United States)
“I received an email from you a couple of months ago wanting a review of the nerve renew product. I had not started it yet so I wanted to wait a while to write you. I’ve been using the nerve renew capsules for almost a month now and I am really happy with it. Before I started it, I had sometimes severe neuropathy pain in my feet. Since starting your product, my pain has not been as severe. Over the past month, I have had only occasional pain enough to bother me, and it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as before the product. Since I love to hike, the thought of not being able to do that anymore due to severe pain was very upsetting to me. Thank you for your wonderful product.!”
July 8, 2019 by Duncan (AB, Canada)
“There was some difficult in getting my payments through but customer service was great. Haven’t received product yet in Canada.”
June 25, 2019 by Tom (TN, United States)
“When I called in my order I talked to a very nice lady, she seemed very concerned about me neuropathy problem. She said I should see a difference soon. I can’t wait to get off the gabapentin. I’m praying it will work for me.”
June 4, 2019 by James B. (LA, United States)
“MSgt Air Force retired . Vietnam veteran ,I was diagnosed with paripheral neuropathy approx.15years ago and am being treated with Medication to control the symptons but not correcting the nerve damage . I have been taking nerve renew for. One month and having great results. I’m a member of Facebook group called Vietnam veterans ,and have seen inquires about the neuropathy treatments I’m thinking of posting my experience with your product if this is ok.”
May 30, 2019 by Patrick S. (TX, United States)
“I am a retired Air Force member. I spent a great deal of time on my feet, and much of that time as a Military Training Instructor; so the feet took a lot of punishment, Neuropathy pain did eventually set in withe stinging, burning and pain. I took a variety of pain medications but they didn’t help much; then I read your articles on my computer about Nerve Renew and I decided to give it a try, that was several years ago. It took awhile for the pain and stinging to abate but they eventually did. To say that I am pleased is putting it mildly. There is still one issue that is not resolve and that is the numbness which gives me and ungainly gate. I am proud to say that what you promised you delivered. I am still using and recommending Nerve Renew.”

4.31 average star rating based on 639 reviews

I have been using Nerve Renew, Nerve Repair Optimizer and Nerve Renew Cream. At this point, I believe that I am seeing minor progress. The most important thing is that your products have provided me with the hope that one day my peripheral neuropathy will be fully cured. Thanks.
Sleep Aid is excellent—it works!
I have tried almost all of them. Nothing works like Sleep Aid. I recently placed an order for 3 more bottles. I threw out all the others!
So very pleased!
I am really thankful that I have been taking Nerve Repair Optimizer as well as Nerve Renew. They have really diminished the severe burning in my feet and legs! What a blessing!
Hopefully this helps with the Neuropathy in my feet
I began to have some burning and numbness from the bottom of my feet on when I turned 60. This product seems to have helped-especially when the right foot got injuired 7/1 and was an issue for 3-plus months. Hint to users, the company suggests storing the product in your freezer as there are no preservatives. I’ve now done that with 2 jars w the one in use in the fridge. Cheers!
So glad my research found Nerve Renew!
I have been a daily user of Nerve Renew for 2 years now. It has arrested the growth of my peripheral nephropathy and has improved things in some areas. I have some “pins & needles” pain in my right foot, but nothing like what some have described in your emails. In that regard, I really find myself fortunate. The pain in my right thumb is so limiting. Even opening envelopes and unfolding the mail is challenging. I find placing my last digit of my right thumb in ice water to be very helpful.

Keep up the great work & research, Wes! You are changing lives.

My experience with LifeRenew customer service was good.

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