Take Charge Of Your Neuropathy Treatments

If you suffer from diabetes, you have most likely heard your doctor speak of diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathy is a condition that is often characterized by numb feet and tingling feet. Studies have shown diabetic neuropathy, also known as peripheral neuropathy, to be one of the most commonly noted side effects of diabetes. Diabetic Neuropathy typically affects the hands and feet first. Peripheral nerve damage is seen in these extremities much sooner than other areas on the body.

Devising A Foot Neuropathy Treatment Plan

If you have been diagnosed with neuropathy as a result of diabetes you will need to work closely with your doctor or nurse practitioner, to devise a foot neuropathy treatment plan to help you retain and better your quality of life. By having a treatment plan can help reduce further nerve damage; as well as help lessen the tingling feet and numb feet that usually occur with the onset of peripheral neuropathy. Pain relief is another important factor when evaluating a foot neuropathy treatment plan. Speak openly with your physician in regards to nerve pain relief.

Your physician will most likely provide you with medication that can offer you significant amount of pain relief for a short period of time till further treatment options are put into place. However, you will most likely find additional measures are necessary in your neuropathy treatment, to provide you with an optimal quality of life. A neuropathy topical cream might be recommended as a weapon against neuropathic pain. Topical creams give pain relief by addressing the actual area that is afflicted and providing temporary nerve pain relief.

Neuropathy Topical Cream

Indeed, there are many people who suffer from the effects of diabetes that find neuropathy topical cream infused with capsaicin can provide them relief from the painful effects of the nerve damage. By massaging the neuropathy topical cream directly onto your feet, you will soon begin to feel the soothing and gentle warming effect of the capsaicin spread through your numb feet aiding in your relief. A few short minuets after applying the topical cream you will begin to find the relief from your tingling feet as both the capsaicin and the massage reach deep into your tissues.

With a topical cream as part of your foot neuropathy treatment plan, you will have the flexibility to use the desired amount when needed. In addition to a topical cream, the use of a neuropathy supplement such as The Nerve Support Formula has been clinically proven to restore nerve health and fight pain. The convenience and flexibility of administering a topical cream or supplement puts you firmly in the driver’s seat so that you can help decide which aspects of your foot neuropathy treatment plan to do at which times.

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