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Neuropathy Prevention

Preventative Measures   High risk individuals can decrease their chance of developing neuropathy.   Neuropathy isn’t always predictable, but a few factors do tend to play into the development of neuropathy. Certain diseases and ailments can lead to neuropathy, as well as certain vitamin deficiencies. Neuropathy can also be hereditary, but it is often an […]


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Type One Or Type Two, It Doesn’t Really Matter

Diabetes is a life changing diagnosis. When diagnosed with diabetes a whole new lifestyle must be implemented in order to avoid grave consequences such as diabetic coma or diabetic neuropathy. There are two different types diabetes, type one and type two. Both types of diabetes are very dangerous to one’s body if the individual diagnosed […]


Foot Neuropathy And The Relations To Diabetes

Foot neuropathy is often a result of complications with diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy is possibly one of the most familiar types of neuropathy and is a common complication of diabetes. Diabetic patients have to be cautious of the affect that their uncontrolled blood sugar levels could have on the development of neuropathy. If glucose levels stay […]


General Health Guidelines Regarding Diabetic Neuropathy Patients

Management of diabetic neuropathy should begin at the initial diagnosis of diabetes. The primary care physician needs to be alert for the development of neuropathy, or even its presence at the time of initial diabetes diagnosis, because failure to diagnose diabetic neuropathy can lead to serious consequences, including disability and amputation. Therefore, education on foot […]


Finding A Way To Cure Neuropathy

Could it be possible to cure Neuropathy? I am sure most doctors would not want you to think so but it is possible to do yourself. There is no real motivation from the medical profession to help find cures as this would relinquish the dependency for office visit related therapies. Fortunately for patients, there is […]


Critical Thinking About Natural Ingredients?

It is easy to become critical about things that you do not know or haven not tried especially when it comes to matters that could potentially affect you. Neuropathy is one of those conditions that receive a lot of critical thinking and thoughts. The reason this condition is targeted has to do with the fact […]


Neuropathy Treatments Of The Natural Kind

Allergic reactions to substances placed in our body can be very hazardous to our health. Studies have shown that some substances could even cause death or serious health threats if used over an extended period of time. Taking those thoughts into consideration lets approach the topic of neuropathy. Neuropathy is a very painful condition that […]


Are You A Fan?

Are you a fan of Mother Nature? Mother Nature is a natural source by which many things in life can be cured or treated as a result of her being. Take the condition of neuropathy for example, the pain and symptoms that are so commonly connected with this painful condition can be relieved by the […]


Difficulties Of Living With Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a very complex nerve disorder. The pain is widespread and it can make life unbearable at times. The major types of neuropathy are broken into three categories           Mononeuropathy- involving a single nerve- example: carpal tunnel or sciatica Multiple mononeuropathy-involving two individually affected nerves or more Polyneuropathy-involving the peripheral […]


Possible Neuropathy Causes

It would be nearly impossible to discuss and list all the different causes of neuropathy; one reason is that not every cause for neuropathy has been discovered. One of the leading causes for neuropathy is diabetes so we are briefly going to discuss diabetic neuropathy (closer look will come in a different section). Uncontrolled blood […]