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Diabetic Neuropathy and Balance

Anyone with diabetes has the probability of contracting neuropathy in time. Excess sugar in the blood stream causes swollen nerves which in turn cause the tingling, prickling, and numbness in feet and hands. One type of neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, results from damage to the peripheral nervous system which controls sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves. Peripheral […]


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Call It What It Is

Most individuals are not medically trained therefore they are unfamiliar with medical terminology so they are readily acceptable of information thrown at them by a medical professional. Though it would be impossible for every individual on the face of the planet to go to med school and learn all there is to every condition on […]


Diabetic Neuropathy

What is diabetic neuropathy? Diabetic neuropathy is a chronic condition that develops in the body of a diabetic if he or she is unable to maintain their target blood sugar levels. At the moment of diagnosis, a new diabetic is given strict instructions on how to take care of his or her life while coping […]


What Is Foot Neuropathy?

With their being so much information about neuropathy still uncovered, many questions are had about it causes, symptoms and treatments. Neuropathy is a common condition and is often thought to being one of the leading the complications with diabetes. Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves that occurs in the body when and if damage […]


The Pain Of Living With Diabetic Neuropathy

There are people all over the face of the earth that are living out each day with some form of chronic pain. Chronic pain implies that an individual is literally feeling or experiencing some form of pain every day of his or her life. There are different degrees of chronic pain and different types of […]


Steps 1, 2 and 3

Diabetes affects the life of millions of men and women each year. Being diagnosed with a condition such as diabetes is heart breaking and scary. I myself have had the fear of the possibility of being diagnosed with diabetes so I can speak with firsthand experience. Sometimes the fear of the unknown can be worse […]


Foot Neuropathy – Prevention And Treatment

Foot Neuropathy – Prevention And Treatment Neuropathy is nerve damage and in the case of foot neuropathy is often initiated because of Diabetes in an individual when the glucose levels were not properly controlled. The symptoms of neuropathy may include but are not limited to; tingling or burning, loss of sensations such as heat, cold, […]


Diabetic Neuropathy And Common Treatments

Neuropathy is a disorder that occurs when nerves are damaged. The most common condition related to neuropathy is generally referred to as peripheral neuropathy, which most often occurs in Diabetic patients; however it can also result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic disorders, and exposure to toxins. Neuropathy Treatment Diabetic Neuropathy treatment can use many different […]


Is It Worth The Risk?

There are some things in life that are worth taking risks such as love, job promotions and even buying a used car, but when it comes to personal health taking risks should not be something considered or encouraged. A healthy life is a happy life and a happy life is a productive life. When sickness, […]


Treating Foot Neuropathy With Low Impact Exercise

Life after diagnosis can be difficult for foot neuropathy patients making them feel as though life from this point on will be bleak and meaningless. Foot neuropathy is a painful condition that limits one’s ability to function and move about freely. Foot neuropathy is often one of the complications associated with diabetes; there are other […]