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Monitoring Glucose Levels Is Only Step One

Diabetic Neuropathy is a condition that develops as a result of high levels of blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy is often a complication connected with diabetes. Diabetes if not properly controlled can cause nerve damage resulting in the diagnosis known as diabetic neuropathy. When there is a lack of blood flow and increased levels of blood […]


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Neuropathy And Its Various Types

Neuropathy is a complex condition that can have an effect on the body’s nervous system.    Neuropathy can be considered a collection of disorders that develop when damaged to the peripheral nervous system occurs. The peripheral nervous system refers to the part of the nervous system outside of the brain and spinal cord; when damage occurs […]


General Health Guidelines Regarding Diabetic Neuropathy Patients

Management of diabetic neuropathy should begin at the initial diagnosis of diabetes. The primary care physician needs to be alert for the development of neuropathy, or even its presence at the time of initial diabetes diagnosis, because failure to diagnose diabetic neuropathy can lead to serious consequences, including disability and amputation. Therefore, education on foot […]


Diabetic Neuropathy and Balance

Anyone with diabetes has the probability of contracting neuropathy in time. Excess sugar in the blood stream causes swollen nerves which in turn cause the tingling, prickling, and numbness in feet and hands. One type of neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, results from damage to the peripheral nervous system which controls sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves. Peripheral […]


Ten Ways to Treat Diabetic Neuropathy At Home

Millions of people suffer with diabetic neuropathy. Millions of people suffer with diabetic neuropathy. Medicines treating this condition can only decrease the nerve pain to about 50 percent. Because of this and the fact that many people do not like the side effects of the drugs, people are finding alternative methods for treating neuropathy. Experts […]


Treat Neuropathy Without Causing Adverse Side Effects

Trying to treat neuropathy effectively can be a frustrating and confusing time for some neuropathic sufferers that is why neuropathy treatment should always be approached in a safe way and through the advice and counsel of a medical professional. The number one neuropathy treatment that neuropathic sufferers use to help ease their discomfort would be […]


Neuropathic Pain Treatment Can Be Different For Every Patient

Neuropathic pain is a very complex and chronic pain that is typically accompanied by tissue injury. Research indicates that neuropathic pain sufferers can sometimes have nerve fibers that are damaged, dysfunctional or injured. The dysfunctional nerve fibers can actually send incorrect signals to other pain centers. The nerve fiber injury can change nerve function at […]


Neuropathy – Caring For Your Feet

Neuropathy of the feet is often a result of diabetes. The nerves swell as a result of high sugar levels and the nerves become pinched in small areas. As this happens the person will begin to experiences tingling, burning, and pain. Left untreated the condition can become worse and eventually lead to nerve damage and […]


Using Alpha Lipoic Acid To Treat Diabetes Related Neuropathy

Many people may not realize that there is actually a connection between Diabetes related Neuropathy treatment and Alpha Lipoic Acid. To understand this connection more fully, a little explanation about what Alpha Lipoic Acid is, as well as how Alpha Lipoic Acid works is in order. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an extremely important antioxidant that […]


Diabetic Neuropathies Commonly Due to High Blood Glucose Levels

Those who have diabetes sometimes develop nerve damage throughout the body. This process can take a lot of time and will occasionally not show any symptoms. However, others can experience symptoms including pain, tingling, or numbness in the extremities. There are nerves located in every organ system, including the digestive tract, heart and sex organs. […]