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Supplements Such As These Vitamins Can Help With Neuropathy

Supplements can have an effect on how a person feels and help ease the pain and discomfort that comes with a chronic condition such as neuropathy. Supplements that are found in The Neuropathy Support Formula can literally change the life of a neuropathy sufferer. Supplements such as Benfotiamine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2 and […]


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Neuropathy-Caring For Your Feet

Neuropathy of the feet is often a result of diabetes. The nerves swell as a result of high sugar levels and the nerves become pinched in small areas. As this happens the person will begin to experiences tingling, burning, and pain. Left untreated the condition can become worse and eventually lead to nerve damage and […]


Using Benfotiamine For Treatment Of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition which occurs when damage to the nerves takes place. Often times the condition of neuropathy coincides with a condition called Diabetes, and occurs because of complications from the Diabetes that causes the nerve damage (or neuropathy). The complications of Diabetes can cause nerve damage when glucose levels rise and stay at […]


Using Alpha Lipoic Acid To Treat Diabetes Related Neuropathy

Many people may not realize that there is actually a connection between Diabetes related Neuropathy treatment and Alpha Lipoic Acid. To understand this connection more fully, a little explanation about what Alpha Lipoic Acid is, as well as how Alpha Lipoic Acid works is in order. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an extremely important antioxidant that […]


Several Options For Natural Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathy

The treatment of diabetic neuropathy can be very difficult for both patients and doctors. Pharmaceutical medications will not cure diabetic neuropathy. However, certain supplements are available that are thought to help reduce the risk or severity of diabetic neuropathy. These supplements are also able to provide an alternative diabetic neuropathy treatment. There is still much […]


Making The Most Of A Natural Treatment Option

Neuropathy treatment must be taken seriously and should be thought through carefully before any major decision is made on the matter. When one takes into consideration the many side effects that prescription medication can bring into play the option of prescription medication no longer sounds all that appealing so other options are needed. For long […]


Work It Out Intelligently

Whether you are putting together a complex puzzle or trying to unravel the mystery of the Rubik cube some form of intellect is needed to accomplish the task. Life often has moments where an intellectual conclusion is needed in order to avoid something catastrophic such as a poorly chosen treatment plan for a painful condition […]


Critical Thinking About Natural Ingredients?

It is easy to become critical about things that you do not know or haven not tried especially when it comes to matters that could potentially affect you. Neuropathy is one of those conditions that receive a lot of critical thinking and thoughts. The reason this condition is targeted has to do with the fact […]


You Can Make The Changes Needed

Living with neuropathy creates the need for several changes to occur in the individual’s life. Neuropathy is very painful and creates a whole slew of physical limitations such as difficulty walking and performing simple tasks such as washing dishes and opening mail. With limitations in areas as simple as these imagine how difficult life would […]


Why Is Methylcobalamine Important?

Methylcobalamine is a water soluble vitamin that is also identified as cobalamins (which are essential biological compounds). Many individuals will know it more commonly by the name of vitamin B-12.  Methylcobalamine is especially useful as a supplement because it is very affordable, readily available, easily tolerated, virtually side effect free, as well as being a […]