Symptoms of Foot Neuropathy and Treatment Options

With most illnesses there are warning signs that trigger something in a person’s mind that help or medical attention might be needed. Some choose to heed that warning and they seek medical help either immediately or soon after their body begin to show signs of a problem. Then there are those who choose to ignore the symptoms and signs due to either fear of diagnosis or an apathetic attitude. Those that choose to ignore what their body is trying to communicate to them can end up with a permanent condition or worse.

Our bodies send us information or attempt to communicate with us that something is off or not quite right. It is our job to listen to our body and translate what our body is trying to tell us. If we are unable to translate what our body is trying to say; then it is vital that we choose to be a good steward of our body, and take it to a doctor who can listen to our description of what is going on and then know how to treat the body or run further test.

Symptoms such as loss of feeling, numbness or painful burning sensations in the hands or feet merit a visit to the doctor’s office especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes and struggle to keep your blood sugar levels on target where they should be. Foot Neuropathy can develop in patients with diabetes causing a loss of feeling to occur and last for the person lifetime if the sensations go untreated. Foot neuropathy can be very painful and can create much pain when the patient walks or performs daily activities. If treatment is sought assistance can be had and pain relief possible.

Several treatment options can be considered for foot neuropathy. Vitamin B supplements, folic acid, acupuncture, physical and occupational therapy, surgery, diet and nutrition, medication as well as essential oils. Depending on the degree of which your foot neuropathy has developed can have a direct influence on the treatment options your doctor will recommend for you to use in receiving proper and adequate pain relief.

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