Stepping Forward

We have all heard the statement “as soon as I take one step forward it seems I take two steps back”. In life situations may arise that make us feel that way, that we are constantly taking one step forward and two steps back; one suffering with a painful condition such as neuropathy might sympathize with that statement.

Neuropathy is a painful condition that can affect an individual’s ability to be mobile and function at a normal capacity. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nervous system creating a miscommunication between the brain, spinal cord and nerve endings. A miscommunication can mean serious complications for example: the brain will try to communicate to the nerves that the pot is too hot to pick up without an oven mitt but the nerves do not get the message due to their inability to feel. Numbness, tingling, burning and needle like pinching are only a few of the painful symptoms that often occur with a diagnosis such as neuropathy or neuropathy in feet.


Neuropathy in feet is the result of out of control diabetes. When blood sugar levels go unattained for an extended period of time the results could be damage to the nerve cells. Damage done to the nerve cells is an irreversible damage that without neuropathy in feet treatment could lead to a life of complete dependency and immobility on the part of the diabetic neuropathy patient. Neuropathy is feet is extremely painful due to the feet being overly sensitized to touch making it a challenge for neuropathy in feet patients to walk pain without experience intense shooting pain.


When normal activity begins to become painful, neuropathy patients often get frustrated and depression sets in. Depression and anxiety are two emotions that are common place amongst neuropathy sufferers. It is important that those diagnosed with neuropathy in feet surround themselves with uplifting people in hopes of preventing a spiral downward emotionally. Though no cure for neuropathy has been unveiled, neuropathy in feet treatment options does exist and have been known to provide nerve pain relief to the point of existing somewhat normal.

Speaking with a doctor about neuropathy in feet treatments can help encourage neuropathic patients and get them stepping forward to a new life that is active and pain free!


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