Staying Active

Staying active is important to personal health. Without being active, the belly bulge could threaten to spill over the pant making for a very unflattering look. For those who have been diagnosed with foot neuropathy, it is even more important that he or she stay active. Foot neuropathy is a painful condition that can limit the use of the feet. The reason that the use of the feet would be limited would have to do with the pain that is felt when they are used.

Neuropathy is the word used to describe the pains and sensations that is being felt as a result of nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system. When nerve damage occurs, there is a breakdown in communication between the brain, spinal cord and sensory nerves. This breakdown in communication causes the nerve cell endings the inability to decipher or discern certain sensations, feelings and even temperature. For example: if the nerves in the hands are damaged, a neuropathic patient may not realize how hot a plate or burner is, thus causing injury.

Dangers Of Foot Neuropathy

The harm that comes with foot neuropathy is a little more severe than neuropathy in the hands and here is why. Foot neuropathy can cause numbness in the feet when there is a lack of feeling injuries such as blisters, ingrown toenail and cuts can go unnoticed for several days therefore increasing the chances of infection and the need for amputation. This is why it is so important that foot neuropathy patients seek medical attention when he or she begins to have an increase in their symptoms.

By staying active, one can reduce the risk of their neuropathy worsening. One of the suggested treatment options for foot neuropathy patients is low impact exercises and the reason being that the exercise prevents the foot from stiffening and encourages the blood flow so that vital nutrients are carried to the damaged area. Foot neuropathy treatments such as herbal supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine and Methylcobalamine in combination with low impact exercises like walking and swimming can help lessen foot neuropathy pain and symptoms.


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