Simple Steps = Great Relief

Things in life do not have to be overly complicated, yet everyday something happens and it becomes overcomplicated. A great example of over complicating things would have to be in regards to the medical world. There are so many conditions that are described with big fancy words that it sounds much more complex than it really is. A patient hears his or her diagnosis and immediately starts panicking all because of the fancy wording used to describe the condition rather than the doctor saying your fine, but…

Neuropathy in feet is one of those diagnoses that can send a patient into a full blown state of panic. Thoughts and ideas start running through the patients head of never being able to walk ever again and life as they know it is about to end. Dramatic people should never be unwell the condition they are being diagnosed with could literally cause a heart attack the way dramatic people get so worked up over it. It is not always there fault though. There are those medical professionals that have no bedside manners, therefore everything they say does sound horrible and life threatening.  

De-complicating Neuropathy In feet

Neuropathy in feet is painful and yes if not treated and taken care of serious complications could occur such as amputation; however there are several drastic stages one must progress through first before getting to that horrific point. Neuropathy in feet does prevent moving about with ease but that can all change with a few simple steps that are not complicated an can help relieve nerve pain in the foot area as well as prevent further nerve cells damage.

  • Wear appropriate shoes – tight fitting shoes can leave blisters, if blisters are left unfelt or unnoticed infection could creep in and the need for amputation arise.
  • Wear appropriate socks – socks that are comfortable not tight and encourage circulation
  • Keep feet dry
  • Nightly foot checks – to help determine is injury has occurred
  • Wash feet well
  • Massage therapy will help increase blood flow, relieve pain and circulate vital nutrients to damaged areas
  • Exercise may seem painful at first but in reality exercise is very therapeutic.  



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