Searching Within To Find A Cure

Disney has a new animated movie out titled “Tangled”. In this movie a young queen is struck down sick with some illness and if a cure is not found she would die. The king issued all his armored men to go search for a cure. There was a myth floating around the castle that a golden flower had the power to heal the sick and rejuvenate ones youthfulness. For those who have not seen the movie I will try not to ruin the ending, it turns out that the myth was true and up on a cliff the armored men found the golden flower brought it back to the queen placed it in a bowl of water and she drank from it and was cured.

Disney makes their money off of fairytales but what a lovely notion to think that a magic flower had the power to heal all the pain one might be feeling as result of a painful diagnosis such as neuropathy. Disney may be a little off in their believing that fish talk, and with a sprinkle of fairy dust one could fly but in this particular film they did not stray too far from the truth in that sometimes Mother Nature can offer her botanical goodness in helping heal mankind.

Mother Nature’s Bounty

Thousands of diseases and chronic conditions such as neuropathy are diagnosed each year. The heartbreaking news is that for thousands of conditions there is no cure. For example, there is no neuropathy cure known at this present time; however steps have been taken by dedicated researchers to find possible solutions to help alleviate the pain often felt with neuropathy symptoms. Years of research and clinical test studies have revealed that Mother Nature has power to help heal those suffering from nerve pain.

With natural ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, Methylcobalamine and herbal roots and leaves at her disposal she offers her goodness to the medical world to see first-hand what she has to offer. Studies have shown that with a proper mixture of ingredients such as the ones listed damaged nerve cells can find new life and nerve pain lessened or even dissipate. 


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