The Ultimate B Vitamin Guide For Neuropathy Sufferers

Vitamin B comes in many shapes, sizes, and even types. Any everyday act you complete is reliant on B vitamins to complete. From memory function to the formation of red blood cells, vitamin B is a real game-changer for anyone — not just neuropathy sufferers. On top of this, adequate amounts of vitamin B from […]

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How diabetes may be contributing to your thinning hair

When you have diabetes you either don’t produce insulin, don’t use it effectively, or both. Insulin is a critical hormone in your overall health. It transfers sugars from the foods you eat from your bloodstream into your cells.  The sugars are then used for energy or stored for later. If this process isn’t functioning properly […]

Neuropathy Treatment Group’s Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions

I love my job. I’m able to help those in need from 9 to 5 and I thoroughly enjoy making lives just a little bit easier through extensive research and breaking down information for you: the follower! It comes at a price, though. I get asked really great questions just about every day. I have to […]

17 Foods That Are Known To Boost Hydration

Are you constantly thirsty? Are you ever parched and water doesn’t seem to help? You may be dehydrated. A jaw-dropping 60% of our human bodies are comprised of water. I’m willing to wager that over 80% of people in today’s society don’t drink enough water. When I discover that someone doesn’t drink water to replenish and recycle […]

8 Sneaky Inflammation Triggers to Avoid if You Have Nerve or Joint Pain

I’m often asked what role – if any – inflammation plays in nerve pain.   Anyone who has experienced inflammation (which we all have at some point) knows how painful and uncomfortable it can be.   Add to that nerve pain or sensitivity and you have a recipe for disaster.   In terms of nerve […]

Quick and Easy Neuropathy Snacks

In this weeks blog, I wanted to compile a list of snacks that are easy and are extremely beneficial for fighting neuropathy symptoms. Let’s dive right in! Seeds and nuts: sunflower, pecans, pistachios, almonds, etc. Greens: Peas, spinach (any green, really!) A can of tuna Raspberries and blueberries Yogurt Eggs Cereal (fortified cereals) Beans Avocados […]

Neuropathy 101: Numbness and Tingling Sensations

I decided to start Neuropathy 101 as my own personal campaign for work. I know a lot about neuropathy — symptoms, treatments, holistic care, physical product help, etc —but I live by the motto “you can never learn enough”. What else can I learn? Well, I thought about how exactly symptoms work, feel and why […]

23 Amazing Benefits of Bone Broth

I recently wrote a blog about foods that help combat the symptoms of neuropathy, and a community member mentioned that I forgot to talk about bone broth. Personally, I’ve only seen a handful of people drink bone broth. I let the community member know that I would sure look into the benefits of bone broth […]

How Kyle Developed Neuropathy

Hello to all of our readers out there! I write almost daily (for about 6 years now), but I haven’t been more excited to share a story than to share this one. Since our last written blog, I’ve met several other neuropathy sufferers and I wanted to share a story told to me by a […]

The #1 Way Neuropathy Affects Your Strength and Balance

Do you feel like you’ve lost strength and balance since you were diagnosed with neuropathy? Well, you’re not alone. I recently spoke to a follower on our Facebook page and he says the pain is bad, sure, but not being able to lift small objects is the worst part of having neuropathy. I found that […]