Relief from Diabetic Nerve Pain

A neuropathy cream that contains capsaicin has been shown to provide relief from the symptoms of the nerve damage that is the result of diabetic neuropathy. These include numb feet, diabetic nerve pain, and tingling feet. This condition, also known as peripheral neuropathy, is a common side effect of diabetes.

All About Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is often the side effect o f diabetes. Its main symptom is nerve damage that can affect any, or all, of the nerves of the body except those of the brain and spine. This results in diabetic nerve pain as well. A doctor must be consulted in order to assess the condition and prescribe the appropriate pain medications.

Benefits of Neuropathy Cream

In addition to pain medications prescribed by the physician, however, many people find a more complete relief from the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy by using a neuropathy cream that contains capsaicin as its primary ingredient. The application of this soothing cream results in a pleasant warming sensation that helps to relieve many of the symptoms of nerve damage.

Benefits of Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the primary ingredient in red chili peppers. It is the component that gives the peppers their hotness. It is no surprise then, that the capsaicin does the same with the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. This warm and soothing neuropathy cream helps to relieve the discomfort of numb feet, diabetic nerve pain, and tingling feet.

Treating Diabetic Nerve Pain

For the optimum in pain relief from diabetic nerve pain, it is better to combine doctor prescribed medications with a neuropathy treatment plan that also includes gentle alternatives such as yoga, or other gentle stretching exercises, biofeedback, and massage with a cream that contains capsaicin. With the combination of medication, yoga and massage, many people find great pain relief from the effects of diabetic nerve pain.

Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

Managing the effects of peripheral neuropathy can be a challenge for many people. Although it can difficult to remember, it is important to allow for adequate time to adjust the dosage of any medications the person is taking and to allow for the adjustment of the frequency and the duration of other neuropathy treatments. For example, when using a cream for the first few times, it might be necessary to adjust the amount of cream used.

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