Rebuild Nerve Damaged Feet

Neuropathy located in a person’s feet is cause for major concern. For all intensive purposes imagine not being able to feel most sensation in one or both of your feet. As you might imagine it would be difficult to take steps properly. This would create a real danger of someone falling if stairs were involved. If a person a cannot feel their feet they cannot tell if they have cuts, scrapes or bites and this can open them up different types of infection. It is not safe and can be very tough to live with. Although neuropathy is described as a “numbness” this can often be misleading. Numb does not mean that the person is not feeling any pain. The nerves involved often give a burning painful sensation along with a tingling type of numbness that is quite uncomfortable.

Possible Causes

There are many different things that can cause neuropathy in the feet. Some of the more common causes are:

  • Diabetes
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Prescription side effects
  • Trauma or injury

These causes can be permanent or sometimes temporary like in the case of an injury. However the cause was caused there are studies that suggest the damage can be reversed.

Can Neuropathy Be Cured


Potentially the answer is yes. I say potentially because people with neuropathy in their feet may not experience 100 % recovery but can take many steps toward dramatic improvements. The success rate varies depending on what has caused the nerve damage to begin with. Majority of foot neuropathy is caused by diabetes so in this case the diabetic can prevent further damage by adhering to their diabetic food guidelines strictly. Healthy food choices can help bring the nervous and vascular system into proper balance. Once the damage causing sugars are brought under control, then the person can seek remedies for regenerating the nerves, but healthy diet must precede this option. Diabetes is just one example but similar explanation goes for drug and alcohol abuse. Stop the damaging cycle and then proceed toward regeneration for the nerves.


Jumpstarting The Nerves

There has been proven success for regenerating nerve response by using herbal remedies and nutrition. With a balanced diet and the use of herbal supplements people can help the structures of the nerve rebuild themselves. The nerve is very complex and can be rebuilt but before we look at how let’s make sure we understand the nerve structure. Simply explained let’s imagine jumper cables. The handles are coated by rubber to keep the person touching them from getting shocked when they are connected to an electrical current, in this case car battery terminal. The cables are coated with rubber not only for safety but for proper traveling current. In other words the electrical message has its full power from beginning to end, it stays contains because of the rubber protectant. This is in a nutshell how the bodies nerve structures work as well. Messages from the brain travel through the nerves and the protective outer coating in called the “myelin sheath” this myelin sheath acts like the nerves rubber grounding as in the case of the jumper cables. The myelin sheath is damaged by several different factors some of which were mentioned above like alcohol, diabetes or injuries. Poor diet can weather away the myelin sheath leaving nerves exposed and causing signals from the brain to miscommunicate with the rest of the body. This is where the skewed sensations and pain come from. In the case of injury there could be “kinks in the hoses” nerves are pinched off at a certain location that can cause misfiring of the nerves response.


Successful Herbal Supplements

There are many advances in foot neuropathy research and people suffering from it have had much success by using herbal remedies. The following supplements can be purchased online or at most local health food stores.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- Helps the body fight free radicals that attack the nerves and tissues. It is both water and fat soluble making it able to travel to areas that other antioxidants may not be able to. Kind of like a fish that can survive in fresh or salty water. People have had tremendous success supplementing ALA and have reported improvement in as little as 2 days after taking it.
  •  Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALC- Has been successfully to regenerate nerve fibers improving communication between the brain and locations of damage.  It also helps decrease pain associated with foot neuropathy.  
  • Benfotiamine- This is a synthetic form of vitamin B-1. Benfotiamine is able to recoat the myelin sheath and protect the underlying nerves. While taking vitamin B-1 is helpful it is water soluble and the body will not absorb very much through diet. Benfotiamine was formulated as fat soluble for of B-1 and is necessary for the maximum nerve benefits this supplement has to offer.

Taking these supplements combined with healthy dietary choices has been proven time and time again to repair foot neuropathy and restore comfort to those suffering from it.

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