Process Of Diagnosis

The process by which a person is diagnosed with a condition can not only be physically draining but emotional draining as well. Everyone has their own personal fears and struggles and for some most of their fears revolves around their personal health. As health declines the fear of what is causing the decline can play all kinds of emotional games on an individual. Testing means waiting and waiting means worry. White Coat Syndrome is the fear of doctors and doctors’ offices and for someone struggling with this syndrome on top of personal health concerns the process of diagnosis can be a large challenge to overcome.

Staying healthy would involve annual trips to the doctor’s office and staying in tune with what is going on in and with your body. When symptoms begin to manifest themselves that are new, uncommon or painful the wise and healthy decision would be to take yourself into be seen to avoid a further health decline. Painful symptoms such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking are red flags that something might be wrong and further investigation is needed to help determine is the pains are a fluke or a serious concern. Symptoms such as tingling, burning and numbness could be signs that the condition known as neuropathy is forming and something needs to be done to prevent further complications.

Test And Procedures

The process by which neuropathy is diagnosed is a lengthy one. The symptoms and pains of neuropathy are similar to other chronic conditions so it is important that the physician takes his or her time to rule out any other condition before making his or her final diagnosis. A series of test will be conducted to determine such as a detailed neurological exam, a complete physical as well as written medical history. Further testing such as nerve conduction velocity testing might be ordered to determine how much nerve damage has occurred and where on the body the most damage resides.

Though the diagnosis might be a bit frightening, however there are several neuropathy treatments that can help relieve the pain and help fight off further nerve cell damage. Neuropathy treatment if chosen carefully and correctly can be a vital tool in helping a neuropathy patient live normally while struggling with neuropathy.



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