Powerful Little Weapon: Benfotiamine

Every warrior needs a good weapon if they intend to win their battle. No police officer would think to approach an armed gunman without the safety of a bullet proof vest. A firefighter could not enter into a burning building with out the aid of his protective wear and oxygen tank. In life, there are times that a person must acquirer safety gear and in the area of guarding a person’s health it’s a must. Patients that have been diagnoses with a disease, illness or some form of condition would need to arm themselves with some form of a weapon to help fight against their diagnosis.

Painful symptoms such as tingling hands and feet, numbness and burning might be clues or insight into a condition known as neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition that can affect a person’s mobility and limit their ability to function affectively in normal life situations. Nerve cell damage hinders ones ability to sense and feel putting that person at a higher risk of injury and or infection. Once a person has been diagnosed with neuropathy, he or she must develop a plan of action in the area of functioning with their new condition.

Treatment Option

Lifestyle changes must be made and treatment must be sought and committed too. There are various methods and techniques in treating neuropathy symptoms and finding comfort and relief from nerve pain. Treatment options that might be suggested are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Electrical Nerve Cell Stimulation
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Therapy

The treatment plans mentioned in this article are not to be tried, attempted or used without the approval of your doctor.

Little But Powerful

Neuropathy pain will be a daily struggle for those diagnosed with it. In order to win the battle against nerve pain the warrior must be armed with the best and most effective weapon on the market. In the case of neuropathy treatments, one of the most successful and accurate forms of treatment would have to be The Nerve Support Formula. The Nerve Support was designed with neuropathy patients in mind. The Nerve Support Formula has a secret weapon known as Benfotiamine a form of the B1 Vitamin. This powerful little weapon gets to the heart of the problem and helps to provide nerve pain relief and comfort to its users.

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