Peripheral neuropathy is a disease of the nerves caused by accidents, infections, inherited genes, injuries or trauma and other diseases such as diabetes which damages the nerves of the upper legs and feet as well as the forearms and the hands. Characterized by numbness and tingling sensations with the gradual loss of feeling in the hands or feet, neuropathy isn’t quickly observed right away but rather develops over a period of time. If left untreated the condition worsens and very often sores or ulcers refusing to heal might turn gangrenous resulting in the amputation of the extremity. It must be taken seriously and with proper care people can live with it.


Actually this is not an unrealistic question when in fact there are so many so-called “cures” on the market pertaining to neuropathy. There isn’t any cure for hereditary neuropathy so all of the other remedies must be for the different types that may have shown a reversal of the damage and a regeneration of the nerves. I know this must sound real good to all who suffer with neuropathy so let’s explore a few options that point toward a cure for this disease.

Neuropathies can be a sign of an underlying physical reason like carpal tunnel syndrome, past injuries or pinched nerves. Identifying the underlying cause and curing it may help in preventing further damage or may even reverse the neuropathy progression. For example: sleep apnea has long been associated with neuropathy. It not only affects men but also women. Difficulty in breathing is one kind of neuropathy that might decrease if the apnea is decreased or cured. Another example: restless leg syndrome has also been linked to neuropathy and like before, if this condition is relieved then the neuropathy connected to it will also be cured.

On a personal note, my experience with neuropathy occurred when I had carpal tunnel syndrome and eventually could not hold a fork or spoon to eat with. I could not write either. Being right handed was suddenly a problem. Slowly I taught myself to write and eat with my left hand. Exercises in stretching the wrist and hands also helped and eventually I was able to eat and write with the right hand again. The neuropathy I had eased up by stopping the repetitive motion of painting, all day for years, and doing another type of movement with my hands. For me it was baking and making things out of dough in a bakery. The difference in the simple movement restored the nerves of my hands. True, I haven’t painted in 18 years and have developed many other interesting hobbies but one day I will paint again because now I know I can.


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