Plan To Stay Healthy

The start of a new year is like a breath of fresh air for most, a new year means a new start a second chance. After years of eating an unhealthy way a New Year offers hope that maybe just maybe this year food choices will be healthier. One way to help insure a new way of eating is had could be to reduce the amount of sugar from an individual’s diet. Sugar turns into fat and we all know what fat turns into – jelly rolls.

Sugar for people only affects his or her weight, but for those who are suffering with diabetes sugar is much more harmful and can have a very poor effect on the body. Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of men and women and how their body responds to sugar. The sugar in the body is supposed to be turned into energy however there are those whose body is unable to transfer the sugar from the blood cells; therefore the body begins to have serious complications as a result of the high levels of blood sugar staying in the system.


Diabetic Complication

Upon being diagnosed with diabetes, the diabetic is given a number where his or her blood sugar level is supposed to remain and if that level is not managed serious consequences could be had. The major issue and thing that diabetics begin to worry about would be the development of diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is one serious complication that could cause a person to lose his or her mobility as a result. Diabetic neuropathy is when the high level of blood sugar has eaten away at the nerve cell endings and now the nerve cells have lost their ability to sense or feel.

Diabetic neuropathy is often felt in the foot area. When neuropathy affects the feet, pains such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking will be had. The pain can at times become so severe that a person is unable to stand on their feet or walk. Diabetic neuropathy treatment is strongly suggested so that the patient can maintain his or her mobility. Diabetic neuropathy treatment is available through prescription medications and or the use of natural supplements.


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